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  • Yo Iain!
    I thought I'd join and be nosy. I probably won't post much, I have many other forums to moderate but yeah ^^
    I was just wondering how to get personal avatars, I just made one and wanted to make it my avvy :\
    I can't make it to the computer tomorrow because I am busy so it's better to be early than late. So Happy Birthday for tomorrow, if you don't read this then I sent it to you on facebook aswell and good luck with the new club I'll join later :))
    Thanks igsey. To be perfectly honest, there is a high chance it was Swine flu. But, Swine flu is not as bad as human flu is, especially for people our age, so I've 90% gotten rid of it. I just have a bit of a runny-blocked nose :mad:

    And ok, I've been meaning to go back and use Photoshop, so I guess I could make some stuff for it like a header thing if you like
    umm, sorry for not posting in the ALC, it's just I've been sick with the flu, and I wasn't sure with that bump from before if I was even allowed to post in it!!! I get really nervous when it comes to the rules, because I don't want infractions <.>!! Anyway, you can make a new club if you like, since I'm not really all that active on here, and I think I'd prefer just being a normal member.

    Ok, thankyou ^^ I'll aim to have it up tomorrow or next weekend o: Also, I will most likely also be busy in which case I'll do banners mainly on Friday, Saturday and Sunday o:
    igsey, I was wondering, if you're not to busy did you want to remake our shop? If you're too busy I understand. Just, I like making banners so if we were to remake it, I'd like to make banners instead of drawing x_x. I want to have a shop but not one by myself as of yet, if I further improve maybe in the future I will :) Also, I'm happy to organise it and stuff :)

    Also, to reply to messages in Profile, click View conversation before posting otherwise to person you're posting to won't get the message x_x

    Thankyou :D
    Uhm, hullo. I was stalking some threads (again) and I noticed that you were looking for the banner RainbowIslands gave you. He (he's a boy D:) didn't change his name, actually. You must've had a typo or something. So, yeah. I found that banner you were looking for.

    Hope I helped you. If it's the wrong one, then ... Dx sorry. You said Ponyta and Girafarig, didn't you? :/
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