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  • Lawl KILL THEM ALL. xD

    Well, glad to hear you got them, haha. If you end up transferring them to 4th Gen, then I'd like to have a look at them. <3
    Thanks! I'm hoping to make a career out of this, and if I'm picked up as an officer, I can get that college degree that I've been wanting to pursue for quite a while now. It's my one chance to excel, and I intend to use it for all it's worth.
    I actually am barely starting school, but so far it's a blast. Then again, the first few weeks are supposed to be easy, so that students get acclimated to it. I barely came out of boot camp earlier this month, so I'm still getting used to all of the freedom that I didn't think I'd have here. LOL
    Yeah, I know what a pain it is to move. I've had to get used to a new climate TWICE in the last few months. Not cool at all.

    At least I'm getting paid for it, this time. I'm going to be here for at least the next 18 months, unless I'm picked up as an officer.
    So yeah, I went to Navy Boot Camp and graduated. Now I'm at Nuclear Power School with said Navy, so all's going extremely well for me so far.

    How've you been?
    No, just anything cloned by an Action Replay, or anything not endorsed by Pokemon, like Pokegen, Pokecheck, Pokesav, etc. It's a pretty big deal.

    Most of the Serebii'ers have regrouped over at Neoseeker, if you'd consider re-joining. =)
    hey is there anything from me you would like for your dw squirtle? i will keep it nft. I've been searching for one with proof for so long now
    also i have no knowledge of any wrong doing being done or had been done at the time or anything going on.
    I'm kinda online during the afternoons sometimes but most of the time im on at random ^^"
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