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    Most Likely to be Mod: darklord(well he knows how to minimod so maybe)
    lol xD hahahaha
    Well I already explained my point, I have no idea why the thread goes on, it was full of long posts so I couldn't keep up.
    Where art thou, the Grass Type being the Worse Type thread is being subjected to noobs! It's fun if you read there posts since they have little competitive knowledge unlike you that day that explained Grass effectively!
    Oh, I though you could change the nickname.. too bad I simply didn't try it. but there should be a bad word filter in the traders and he could see the name when he traded it + he traded a jirachi (a bad one but still) for a shiny lucario.. he could at least save it to trade it back..
    "Anyway it's your fault for trading a legendary event pokemon in the first place for a shiny pokemon and FACEPALM about the relase you could change his nickname"

    Uh, no he couldn't. You cannot rename traded Pokemon. I found this out when I traded over a Loudred from Pokemon Soul Silver to Platinum (Who was simply unnamed) and the Name-Rater in Platinum would not let me change the name.
    Do you actually have any competitive knowledge? Every piece of 'advice' I've seen you give is faulty. Think before you post, my friend, and learn before you post help.
    You don't have a clan do you? They're really cool and help with your competitive battling aspects. If you are interested would you like to join my clan?
    thanks guy but I have to apologize too I posted a worng advice sorry about it I would be more effective next time
    Yes, I agree with what CJ is saying. My actions were too uncalled for and unnecessary.
    I just wanted to say that my actions earlier were uncalled for and unnecessary. I will text Xat and tell him to apologize too.
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