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  • ILANE! Been pretty busy, especially next month. Too much school work unfortunately. How are things going for you? It's been forever
    ilane :3 hey sorry for the late message back been busy lately and had some down time from serebii too was kinda losing intreast in the site for awhile but I am thinking that im not gunna probably leave after all. My boyfriend my be getting a job soon as well so I can log on occasionally again. I know that may sound strange what does that have to do with serebii but its just he gets so annoyed when I log on here alot and he hates pokemon :x I do understand he more important then serebii but sometimes he feels like I think its the opposite alot of times so I have to drift away from here for awhile. glad your doin alright haven't heard from you in awhile actually you must be busy as well.
    I've still never tried league despite a bunch of my friends online starting to play it. Should probably fix that sometime x_x
    maybe find a game that has a more friendly environment and fanbase. don't get a 360 plus any shooter
    ah, basically practice matches

    I dunno, I may be able to handle daily flaming of a certain level but it sure as hell won't be enjoyable
    so some sort of bots/training mode thing?

    Aw, well if it's that bad it doesn't seem like something worth continuing.
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