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Last Activity:
Mar 26, 2015
Jan 29, 2012
Likes Received:

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Legend Medal Hunter, from Dragonheart Sanctuary

Ilane was last seen:
Mar 26, 2015
    1. Psilo
      Hey, Ilane. We miss you around here! Come back please! :D
      -Psilo (Alex Amaterasu)
    2. EmeraldGoblin
      Yes, yes I'm very much alive =D
    3. ~Ace
      ilane hi I remember and miss u
    4. FairyWitch
      ilane you will be missed :c
    5. ElxlceL
      Hey there! How are things?
    6. BLUES.
      You are still on Serebii? Nice, whats new??
    7. TrainerChris
      ILANE! Been pretty busy, especially next month. Too much school work unfortunately. How are things going for you? It's been forever
    8. FairyWitch
      ilane :3 hey sorry for the late message back been busy lately and had some down time from serebii too was kinda losing intreast in the site for awhile but I am thinking that im not gunna probably leave after all. My boyfriend my be getting a job soon as well so I can log on occasionally again. I know that may sound strange what does that have to do with serebii but its just he gets so annoyed when I log on here alot and he hates pokemon :x I do understand he more important then serebii but sometimes he feels like I think its the opposite alot of times so I have to drift away from here for awhile. glad your doin alright haven't heard from you in awhile actually you must be busy as well.
    9. ElxlceL
      hey there! hows it going? How are things?
    10. jesusfreak94
      Define "here"
    11. Sid87
      Busy at work after having just come back from vacation. How about you?
    12. SilentReaper
      Hey old lady, how ya been? :]
    13. EmiiLava

      Happy Holidays!
    14. SilentReaper
      Ahh hi Ilane.. well old lady <3.
    15. Sparkbeat
      I've still never tried league despite a bunch of my friends online starting to play it. Should probably fix that sometime x_x
    16. Sparkbeat
      Hey Ilane, long time no see! How've you been?
    17. Myrrh
      maybe find a game that has a more friendly environment and fanbase. don't get a 360 plus any shooter
    18. Myrrh
      ah, basically practice matches

      I dunno, I may be able to handle daily flaming of a certain level but it sure as hell won't be enjoyable
    19. Myrrh
      so some sort of bots/training mode thing?

      Aw, well if it's that bad it doesn't seem like something worth continuing.
    20. Myrrh
      Ilaneeeeee. What is ADC and how did your ranking bout end up?
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  • About

    Dragonheart Sanctuary
    Favourite Pokémon:
    Medal Hunt (239/255)

    Battle Medals
    1. PWT Type Champion (0/17)
    2. Beat 1000 Trainers in Unova Challenge
    3. Exp. Millionaire
    4. Battle Guru

    Adventure Medals
    1. DW Capture 100 (62/100)
    2. Passerby 1000 (403/1000)
    3. Pass Power 100
    4. Super Rich (5/10 million)
    5. National Dex
    6. Boxed Max
    7. Great Adventurer

    Entertainment Medal
    1. Strange Ending (2/40)
    2. Funfest 30 People **
    3. Funfest Score 1000 **
    4. Entertainment Master

    Special Medals
    1. Top Medalist
    Item Hunt

    Funfest Memory Training - Heart Scales
    Funfest Find Shards - Shards


    Dragonheart Sanctuary (OT: Ilane)
    Trade Shop || Sinnoh || Unova || Kalos