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  • I shall throw things at him too!

    Good thing you do, otherwise I imagine you'd be pulling your hair out or something when it gets especially troublesome.
    What does bictac do? I have power over him, muahahahahaha

    Yeah, that does seem rather nice and appealing.
    ahhh ic, i am sure if u ever changed ur mine TEG would welcome back :), but it was great talking with u, its late here and am really tired i will try n be on again 2morow have a great night ^_^
    Oh, well it would still be not for trade. What I mean is just so that you don't "lose" anything from the trade. Oh, but you don't mind that right?
    true that, ahhh ferrothorn always see him on like every team i face, i usually save my hp fire latios to face him sicne that's the only fire move i got till i ev train more pokes
    i just let ppl think what they want, i'll trade for those flawless events either way since i know the truth, n yah i joined TEG a few weeks ago seems fun n i saw that there was a few rng'ers there
    One that does cloning the "legit way" would be nice, but I know you don't really care for cloning. Right?

    Ah, yeah we all have our own normal stuff to deal with.
    yah i agree modest is deff next best, and having that hp fire is sgood also they might not expect it, and steels are annoying to face no matter ur team
    n lol yah i will just let them think what ever they like i know it to be untrue
    Aw really? Well yeah I guess if you aren't a battler then it's not such a bad idea. Leaving the forums though ;n;
    i like timid best myself, i always go for extra speed over power :p, n yah steels are annoying but u can just dark void them n his ability is really cool to go along with that move u can just stall em out if u wanted to lol
    lol its ok, i look at it as their loss not mine, i don't need the hassle and argueing n getting upset over nothing trien to explain myself, as for the deoxys it has a ribbon so i am unable to pokecheck it, but i did check serebii's event database and everything was good down to the OT moves everything, i have a gamestop non flawless one that i picked up n matched it with this one n seems ok
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