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  • ahhh ic, I don't train much either but will soon, I usually do the hard way just battle a bunch of pokes that I need to to be honest I don't ebven know how the join avenue works lol, I have heard u train there though guess just makes me an old fashion guy just battle to get the lillipups etc :), I wanna get better at battling, I got so many shiny pokes I need to at least use em lol :p
    I thought you said that they look like mold.

    Well, you should talk to him about that. He feels honor-bound to give you what you want.
    Well hopefully me being part of the guild and constantly pushing them will get some change done, also I've heard there are items that are important to breeding, what are those?
    Well I'd love to learn how to breed and RNG so I can help out the clan too, Wi-Fi battling would get more popular in our guild and I personally prefer playing on the games instead of PO, because Pokemon on a computer doesn't feel natural to me I don't know why though =/
    As I said before, I don't like most shinies. *Squints* And if I recall correctly, neither do you.

    Gee... I want the Victini, sure, but not THAT badly. That's gotta be one of - if not THE - worst ratios that I've ever seen.
    Yeah, I accidentally thought you were refereeze and sent you a friend request. Idc if you accept or not lol
    yah ur prolly right, uncloned pokes and non public on pokecheck hold a lot more value, and lol I will take a look at ur dwf and see if I have any and let u know ^_^
    nah it's not stupid at all, u took the time and effort into the rng, I would feel that same way as u, I care a lot bout the pokes I have especially all the rng's that have been done for me, I look forward to seeing ur wants list and possibly make more trades :D
    Okay. Still, this information may be beneficial to my business... *Cackles*

    Well, he wants my flawless Timid Celebi.
    I know that the Pokemon bred is the same species as the female (unless ditto used) and that DWFs have an 80% chance to pass down their ability, they all have different egg groups, and they can learn moves from the male that they normally wouldn't know, like passing down Ice punch or Thunderpunch.
    I personally don't care about shinies (I feel like getting them with no luck involved just ruins the excitment), but yeah I'd love to also learn RNG IV's, Abilities, and Natures. Although I guess some people might really want shinies, so I should probably learn how to do those as well.
    ... I have a flawless Arceus. Flawless and Timid, to be exact. (Those are rare around here? That's valuable information.)

    Special Move Events are fun. They just add so much variety!

    *Gets a peeved look* Yeah, I know that you're getting a flawless Hasty Christmas Victini from Bictac. That's why he won't give me one.
    I agree, it's hard these days to find anything uncloned, and ur rule keeps it that way which I like, do u know what u would trade for once ur wants are done
    Oh yeah, I meant Day Care lol, :$ I'm planning on breeding on either Black or White 2, whichever is better if one is better.
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