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  • Hey Ilane got your message! I'd love to learn more about breeding from you, right now I only know that a lot of people want DWFs and that dropping your Pokemon off at a Pokemon Center makes a baby Pokemon. :$
    I hope it goes well for u, and whichever shop u go to will have a great rng'er :D, n yah I like to have my shiny pokemon through eggs, I think they have more value they they are at lv.1 and and some have egg moves ^_^
    Alrighty, glad that you could work something out! =)
    (Admittedly, I'm actually a bit relieved. I was looking through my boxes and realized that I only had one Deoxys left. I was planning to tell you when we next broached the subject. Now, 1) you managed to get a better deal, and 2) I won't have to deal with a nasty stain on my reputation. XD Thanks!)
    yah true, I thought bout doing the same thing as well since I don't get to many ppl, and since I only want shiny flawless/near flawless makes it hard, which shop were u gonna join?
    Hello miss Ilane, about the flawless christmas victini, what nature are you interested in? Right now I have jolly, naughty, and when flying fixes his wifi problem I will have a hasty.
    As I said, I aint picky lol my dex has been sitting idly missing those 4 since like...November?

    ACTUALLY! If you get it, dont migrate them. Ill take them onto my SS and migrate them myself. Gonna need the dex there also >_> I never should have reset that game...just got my Safari Zone fixed.
    i dont mind other languages, as long as its not DIALGA PALKIA MANAPHYIMSCREAINGATYOU. Im glad BW got it right with the naming finally -_-
    Dia/Pal woulld be nice.

    I dont need IV/EV or anything. Im more picky on balls lol Ultra are fine. But Dialga in a Timer and Palkia in a Dive looks boss.
    Nice. Im not bothering with guilds anymore either. leagues? Im still in TMP in a private corner noone challenges...which is fine by me XD

    You said you would get me a Dia/Pal/Mana and rename them 'properly' to complete my dex and have for the great XY migration.
    You dont know o_0

    NK keeps threatening war is gonna start and they will destroy Seoul/Washington.

    But...the rhetoric is that they are claiming it DEFENSIVELY since they believe the war exercises are a secret invasion >_> Which its not.

    So once the exercises are over, and they realize they WONT be invaded, they should go back to being crazy usual NK again.
    ya...really now sure how long I wanna be here though lol if this war talk lasts past the military exercises, im GTFO after May 1st. NK usually does these kinda things during the SK/USA drills, so any longer and its a new case :/
    nm, 3 am, listening to xenogears music and debating what game I wanna play next. my laptop is getting repaired still, so no high powered emulated/pc games until then. been doing some MH3U lately though.
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