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  • lol hey my mum got me new super mario bros wii because i got good effort grades its really good im up to world 5 i think. Also when you want to message me do it on my page cause then i get told i get message ok? :)
    lol i need to find it man i need to do my rip i knew where it was now but my brother fiddled with it and now has lost it! i tidyed my room today and still didnt find it. And i still cant say how good that sprite was.
    on the banner i made the background on g.i.m.p an free art program. to bad u lost twewy i aint been on mine in a while i never know what to do there should be more side quests
    woah thanks lol yeah its from scratch took me a while though i just used the artwork from dissidia but i think sword can be improved and i need give him shield :)
    WTF its blocked at school!!!!! oh man! nice banner did you actually make it its quite good but whered you get the background. i think its annoying that you cant put custom avatars on this site. AND ive lost my twewy!!!!! oh no!
    ryan check out this banner i made
    hey ryan . yeah im quite big here aint been on here for a while though. i didnt actually win the votes were counted wrong ill start spriting again aswell. too bad serebii is blocked at school. yeah dylan should sign up.
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