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  • I don't get a allowance , my parents just get me what I want most of the time

    All of that though, sounds insane
    Lol, you haven't picked up any of the language yet?! What are you doing? You failure!


    Don't worry, I think that I'd have the exact same issue! Very confusing.

    Hope you're well, anyway!
    Hi there! I'm sorry that it takes me so long to reply, but thanks for the VMs. It's nice to read them when I get them.

    Thanks for the congrats. You want a Kyurem or a Vivillon? Vivillon surprised me. I didn't realise that his legs and arms were a yellowy colour. He always seem so happy and cheerful in PokémonAmie.

    What have you been up to?
    Heh. I'm new here and I haven't lurked long enough to know the rules of the road, as it were.
    Anyhow, my FC is 3883-5650-7552 and I'm on X version right now, so I'll just go grab something and then I'll be ready to trade.
    Hi! I noticed that you said you had unlimited Jungle Vivillon in the Vivillon trade thread. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind trading one to me? I don't have much to offer - I have Modern Vivillon, and I can catch any Pokémon you need in X version sans legends. It would mean a lot to me, though, if you would trade with me. Please let me know if you're interested!
    Oh wow ... that is awful. I don't blame you. Does this mean that the game was fake or was it just an awful once in a million issue?

    I'd imagine if that happened to me I would be very very upset. I'm so sorry to hear that.

    Do you mind if I asked what you lost?
    Do you mean the post with ... like 500 shiny Pokémon? I had pictures all ready to go, but the actual post took me days to compile, so I thought putting in pictures would take waaaay too long! It serves me right for not keeping up with this thread and letting it slide.

    Too many painful memories?! What happened exactly?

    Thanks for the message! I really don't get my luck, it's crazy. I know I keep on saying it, but you just never know what your games are going to do! Still feel really shocked. I'm hunting for a shiny Metang currently, and I'm expecting it to take a while, so let's see what the next step is!

    Cheers! And good luck. :)
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