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  • Regarding RNG, I see, got confused on the two. lol Ok so it's RNG abuse, gotcha.
    Regarding Fennekin, thought you were saying you'd bred a 5IV one but it the stat that was missing the 6th IV wasn't the atk so you were trying to breed for one with the atk missing the IV, my bad, got confused there. lol
    Did I not say it would probably take around 350-500 eggs? lol I wasn't kidding when I said that sicne that's how long it took to get a female Eeevee with the right stats and IVs and all.

    RNG? I'm aware of what "RNG" is but in X/Y? RNG is cheating imo since you take advantage of loop holes in the games to get flawless mons. Or were you referring to simply Destiny knot/everstone and breeding till you get a 5IV mon?

    Like I said in the post, if it has 5IVs, female, HA+egg moves and the rest of what I said then that will do. She doesn't have to have an IV missing in the atk stat. So, if you got one already with 5IVs+ all that I said then great, you've bred what I need however, if you indeed RGN'd to get her then I won't trade for her as that's cheating. lol If you got her through the legit way of D.Knot+Ever stone and breeding with luck involved then I'll trade for her.
    OH! No idea why most have blaze since female HA mons should have a 60% chance to pass whatever ability they have. Like I said before though, the ratios I swear aren't exactly the same from game to game. lol I swear there's gotta be a luck system that ties into it. haha ^_^;
    Then you're close, maybe another hr or two of breeding/hatching till you get one.

    He, I've had that happen to me before but where as I needed it to be female, it was a flawless male (I forget the ability).


    Battling with a magician is tricky but such is the magician life. ;)

    I would say 80-90% complete.

    Oh, you need not worry, I really don't mind people wanting to talk in my shop, I also wouldn't mind talking to them. The problem comes from the trade shop forum rules (Serebii forum's rules, not mine lol) I don't think they mind it too much mainly because I've seen plenty of people do it (Though usually they were also posting something in relation to the trade shop/negotiation etc. itself as well) and in the rules they say any off topic posts will be deleted and I think if I recall right infractions might happen. (I forget) Even so I've yet to see this happen. Including in mine where people literally did ask me if I could trade right then and there in my shop and even left their FC/IGN and that was all that was in the post. Serebii says stuff like that should be taken to VP/PM or whatever way you have besides in the shop itself, guess they consider it spamming. lol

    But really, I do need to ask a mod about it sooner or later and once I know I'll let you know what I find out, sound good? :)

    Btw, I know you've had a daunting task (How's your female ratio holding up compared to before?) but, I'm seriously looking for a certain Froakie line. I posted it in my trade shop so if you do have it or can get it by no later than 1-2PM my time tomorrow (Sat) then I would LOVE to trade you for her. :) (I may end up having to breed her myself, and not long after going through 450 Eevee eggs for the perfect female one with HA too lol)
    I should have warned you, I have stalker-ish tendencies...^^
    Yeah I think it would make sense. Indonesia has a relatively large population - if my geography serves me right. The extra amount of revenue Nintendo and Game Freak would get would be surprising.
    Indeed, it is. But I don't really log on here any more, and I have no idea why I am online now. But hey. It has been a while. :D
    ....I didn't realise Indonesia (is that right? I found your dA ^^) wasn't an available region. It wouldn't make sense not to include it since I think there's more players there than here (Aus). But what can you do, Nintendo does what they want.
    Well, here's hoping you can get it soon :D
    Haha yeah I understand ^^

    Ah, now I get it. *facepalm* Yeah, exams can be a pain. But at least after Monday, spare time~!
    Are you unable to get Pokebank? :\ (sorry for being nosey)
    Thanks, it took four days XD

    As for the thread, you could always randomly jump on and congratulate the others, they all appreciate it . Or post progress reports when you are in the middle of hunting. Or even just introduce yourself :)
    Thanks a lot :) I hope Growlithe takes lessons from Giratina! Hope you find something soon, or are you not hunting atm :x?
    Ah, you're right. I blame tiredness and my not thinking of a simple fact that Eevee and a few other mons were only obtained as a gift in those games.


    Now that one I knew about but since Bulbasaur doesn't learn it and the only other move I'd be remotely interested in as a sub is Ingrain, I just stuck with the PD move.

    No no, thank you. My not thinking/missing the facts like that could have gotten me scammed or it would have been sitting there, and me eventually start asking for it till someone pointed it out, all the while I'm looking like a fool/noob. xD
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