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  • Sounds more like a hack to me. I can see both parents knowing a move would pass it to the off spring but when we're talking about a mon like Eevee (Normal type) when the parents are grass type and the off spring has a chance to evolve into many different types yet learns so few elemental moves besides normal through any way till it evolves, I just can't see it being possible without hacking. If that were the case then any of the evolved Eevee forms would be able to pass on an elemental move. (Example, Flamethrower, Thunderbolt etc. etc.)

    Thank you. ^-^ Quite happy about it but sadly I have next to 0 luck finding shiny mons. lol So hopefully whenever I do attempt MMing one, I'll get the perfect Shiny Zubat, only problem is, I'd need it to be female with 5-6IVs and I know I could at least get a 4 IV min one but gender is 50/50.

    Ladies an gents, Princess Mio the 2nd, the shiny Milotic. ;)
    Hem, somehow missed something you said so in regards to the credit card comment and the below stuff, well, like I said, go into the X/Y help thread and ask there. I've seen people there who've set their region of their 3DS to something else so I'm sure they'd know the answer and this IS to get bank back so it's on topic I'd say. lol

    How? There isn't a legit way as far as I know. o_0

    As to your newest comment, not yet, I haven't added a handful of others too because I'm being lazy about it. lol
    Luckily I got the none HA Love ball female Zubat with the 5IVs and egg moves I wanted her to have so I can sometime in the future attempt to MM a shiny Zubat to raise into a shiny crobat. I once had one of them, back in Crystal till I accidentally deleted the file with it still in it, battery dying years later would have erased it anyway and not like I could transfer it to X/Y let alone 3rd gen anyway. lol (RIP Shiny Crobat) So I won't need a dream ball HA Zubat but thank you. :)
    Annnd, it's also posted on yours too. Now I see how it happened. It's because I went to view conversation (Like I'm doing now) and replied there. So it shows up on both our profiles. :)

    I still need to buy it, I have the money but I have been really lazy

    I wish you the best of luck
    If you mean your 3DS hasn't charged yet then you can still play while it's charging. If you mean the o-power hasn't charged then I can help you out by giving you a Lv. 3 hatching power to hatch my egg. :) 7PM actually but if we can trade now that'd be great. If not, when my time can you?

    That's a, confusing yet good question. (Confusing for how you worded it but still good question) If I understood right, you have yet to make an eshop account, thus you haven't been able to even go to the shop since you'd need to make the account. I'm not sure what you meant by X/Y updates. As to the 1st question regarding currancies, I wouldn't know. Best ask that in the X/Y help thread as someone there may know and this IS linked to the games. Still if I had to guess this is what I'd say would happen/be the case:
    A) You buy the card but it won't let you load the credit.
    B) You add funds via credit card but it won't let you
    This next one I believe to be the case but not sure if it is or not, just my best guess:
    C) You add the funds with either way and they go through. This one I believe is the case because all any company would have to do is exchange the currency you deposited for the currency they need with another country/region. Plus even though you set your 3DS to a different region, you more than likely got it from where/around where you live.
    ok, ready to trade. Also I forgot but I'm sure you already know. If you or your parents have a credit card then you can use it to add funds to your eshop account thus letting you renew bank.
    The HA Zubat doesn't have to have egg moves so just HA is fine. Also, the promo is over and even if it was still going you could just turn down the promo. (Can't force people to take a promo so if they don't want it and say so, they won't get it lol) So you'd still get 1 mon that I'd trade you for the HA Zubat either way, you sure you don't want anything for it?
    What happened to your bank? You can renew the yearly pass for just $4.99 and if you had mons in it then they'll be deleted after some time of not having the pass. Also I heard recently Nintendo has made $10 eshop cards, no idea if they're available now or for where you are.
    Hey! :)
    You're fine.
    If you mean the one I am looking for then no but atm someone is telling me they'll breed me it. (If the deal falls through then I'll still need it) That said, I don't have a HA Zubat so I'd be willing to trade for it even if it only has it's HA.
    I will, eventually. I refuse to simply let the series die out.

    Yup! You shall always hold a special place in my writer's heart :3
    Things are a little bit up and down to be honest, but i won't bore you with details.

    What have you been up to since i last saw you?
    Yeah, I felt like it was better to give it awhile to regroup than to keep going with work I wasn't proud of.

    Yup yup! It's great to talk to you again! You were my first fan, after all :3
    The main problem for me was that I felt like Piplup and Chimchar were starting to act too out of character. I believe a genuine conflict can arise between the two, but what I was trying to do was much too forced and petty, which isn't fitting to either of the two.

    Well, you're back now, so that's all that matters :)
    You haven't been missing much, it's been on hiatus for over a year. My creative spirit crapped out around Chapter 24. I was just really struggling with the next chapter and couldn't get things right, then ultimately realized the fic was starting to go in a different direction than I was really intending. I started making a bunch of changes to later in the story and ultimately decided to put it aside until I'd gotten things completely straightened out. I did start a new fan-fic, Sgt. Froakie, but I haven't updated it since like September. I really need to get to work on that XD
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