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Last Activity:
Jan 26, 2013
Nov 21, 2011
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Deino Master

ilovedeino was last seen:
Jan 26, 2013
    1. Kall El
      Kall El
      Haha I knew you would look at them eventually.
      I do hope it has productive info, all this wait for nothing? :]
    2. Kall El
      Kall El
      It's fine :) and still waiting for scans, hurry up already :/
    3. Kall El
      Kall El
      Ahh I see, well I can't help myself from spoilers lol :]
      I wonder what differences Keldeo will have, like a new ability or signature move?
    4. Kall El
      Kall El
      Corocoro leaking soon :] any expectations/hopes?
    5. Kall El
      Kall El
      I love Hydreigon :p
    6. LadyTriox
      Hi!^^ Wanna be friends? (nice beatles parody your profile pict has ;3)
    7. auraguardian123
      cool profile picture
    8. DragonA7X
      I just wanted to say that the Black Veil Brides are epic! :D
      Saw them live once.
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    Favourite Pokémon:
    I like drawing and painting, and I obviously love Pokemon.

    Playing games, Listening to music


    Emerald Nuzlocke
    Paused Challenges
    Black Solo Run;285;;286;
    White Solo Run-"Awesome" the ;257;
    White Monotype-[​IMG]
    Black Nuzlocke-:496::507::517::520::526::534:
    Finished Challenges
    XD Monotype-[​IMG]
    Black Monotype-[​IMG]
    Diamond Nuzlocke
    SoulSilver Nuzlocke
    HeartGold Solo-Run ;169;
    Pearl Monotype-[​IMG]
    Crystal Monotype-[​IMG]

    Userbar made by Geijutsu-shin in Trickster44's Art Shop