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  • Shiny Tauros? I hated Tauros as a Pokemon but my Dad always loved him lol. That would be interesting to see. What was the Shiny Pokemon you just got again? It was a RE one right? You go to Dog shows? That is really cool! Oh so I see your into sports. Not me, but that is okay. Why is your icon of Probopass now? lol

    I might get a job soon! Interview Tuesday!
    DARKRAI EVENT!?!? I have one since D/P cause I was starting my adventures then but now I am so pumped to actually get another! I wonder , can we SR for a shiny of this one? I would love that. My family is going to be so happy.

    Now all I need is Deoxy's... Shaymin... Manaphy.. and a few other exclusives.

    Btw I never got your post because you wrote it on your own wall lmao
    Shinx is so pretty shiny, I hope she gets that one. In pokemon, I'm just filling up the dex. I caught about a dozen last night in platinum that I need to transfer over, and just caught a Tauros in SS. I'd love to chain a shiny Tauros, but chaining is not in SS, and for the life of me I can't get one to show up in platinum.
    IRL, not much. Just dog shows and working. My puppy did pretty good in a dog show yesterday, although the entry for his breed was small. Plus there's a double header Giant's baseball game today. So baseball pokemon marathon today, woot!
    That sucks :/ friends are far and few these days aren't they? My friend used to be like that, I thought we were cool until he became moody with me all the time and would not seem at all interested in what I did. It really sucked and now I pretty much just keep to myself whenever in public. I'm not very approachable I guess only because I don't appear to be friendly. That is okay though people annoy me unless they are nice.
    Wow, your like me then because I didn't do much end game content in my White game either. Yeah chaining is killing us o_o it's so stressful.
    I'm trying to chain for a shiny Beldum now, and my gal is trying Shinx . She had a 39 chain that broke on her last night it was terrible.

    I need to find those darn Sages too. What are you up to today Pokemon and IRL wise?
    I got the Arceus legend just recently too with my gf. It was really nice when we found out thanks to chance on cruising the Serebii forums. Thankyou for your congrats and wonderful advice I told my gal as soon as you said that.
    So I have to say, you and I are in the same boat regarding the rest of those Legends. Luckily I got Darkrai! I love him *tear* but I do really want Deoxys so badly... How could we get one? The only release was in the city locations and if you participated in a contest right?
    Now you are saying you beat B/W twice right? That's great! I would love to do that.

    OUCH my girlfriends chain just broke on it's own!! Wonder what happen. She said it was four away. Damn chains...

    Anyway I am rambling. It's nice to have Pokemon conversation with you though since it's my girlfriend or some of my family that I only have it with IRL. What are friends for if you don't have any right? LOL
    Did you get to save? Thank you for your wonderful advice with chaining. My girlfriend has gotten a shiny Swablu! The chain kept going and we have been trying overnight and she is still trying to get it for me and I was up all night trying to get it. The damn thing wont appear!! So why are you replaying the game? And which one?
    NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! I wanted to get Voltorb too!!! I love that Shiny and I thought it looked really cool. We are having a hard time getting our chains to 40. We did good on Staravia two months ago, but we cannot get past 30 tonight.
    Man I am so crushed about that Voltorb story ; ; now I got to MM for him too...
    He is so cool.
    What are you up to?
    I feel that way too , I wonder if the shiny rate did go up in B/W... I thought I read somewhere about the rate changing. But from what I seen it seems to remain the same. My girlfriend and I just put 30 hours into a week of Platnium to now chain for Pokemon! Wish us luck and I will hopefully come with news shortly from now.
    Hey grats on your shiny encounter that is great and must have taken awhile! What did you name it? I haven't been around lately :p but it is good to hear about your news.
    So I never did edit my comment. I want to say that I too will get both BW2. I decided since it is for the DS, I will get a Japanese port and one American of the differ games, so I can use Masuda Method effectively.

    So I understand your logic behind the Pokedex but it just seems inconvenient as opposed to organizing boxes but I don't know; that's just me lol.
    To reply to your opinion (forgive me if I add to this post later, which I will) yes, I would include all of those. I have, and I have also forgot to add my Red Gyrados. Many people do this, or add Red Gary without realizing that they didn't add other event shinies because they felt the same way about it, (Hey, that's contradictory isn't it?) so yes, add them all, in my humble opinion ^^ A shiny is a shiny and some people weren't around for these events, so why not earn our bragging rights eh!?
    So are you saying you may get into competitive battling? I dislike that form of battle especially online. People fight so dirty and unfair, it makes me too angry to play with others lol...

    After all I feel like Pokemon is just a great set of rules with human error, so playing with some dirt cloud online would really ruin the great experience for me, so I tend to avoid competitive fighting..

    Have you noticed that as well ? Online here, on these forums I notice alot of people know certain builds, or move sets. Which is bothersome to me, because I rather just enjoy an all out fight with originality... Damn Smogon, and other sites to ruin that experience.

    Anyway, why did you decide to just catch Pokemon once the national dex came out? That seems like a rough idea, even if it was just to fill boxes lol.

    So , you know anything about Black and White 2? WHY people keep going on about the Move tutor's exactly? Am I missing something? I thought they were just fine in B/W?

    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Oh good. I was just trying to avoid anymore trouble, so sorry if I seemed critical. I am actually very weary and don't make many friends because of it.
    Besides that; A d v e n t and I just don't get along. I wouldn't concern yourself with it. Besides if I start talking about about him, he will just want to start in with me. Then I will end up with even more infractions. This site and I don't get along in generally, put the people seem to like me and understand me. I just get into trouble with breaking the rules. What can you do though?

    So I hope I answered your question. You have an unique writing style. So anyway, what brought you to talk to me? How are you today? This is enjoyable, I always enjoy talking to fellow Pokemon trainers.
    Why do you not post much, or post so little in the past? Also why were your last visitors all banned, and your friends with A d v e n t , someone I am not fond of.
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