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  • Hey iluvwobbuffet, I'm strongly considering getting a PSP. It seems like me that I just get the Playstation system that is left behind for the next big system. I got a PS2 when the PS3 was out, but it mysteriously broke. However, my favorite non-Nintendo system game, MGS3, got on the 3DS, and man do I love it.
    *Huggles back* Missing you :(

    Why don't we ever text or anything? Is cause I l;ike horror movies, or have a facebook, I'm amember on here?

    How about you?

    It was great playing with ya today, next time we've gotta talk on the mic though! I always play Domination so it's cool to tell each other what the plan of attack is and such.

    I hear ya, hopefully you'll find one soon. My work's cutting shifts so I'm getting peanuts nowadays.
    You're down south now, eh? Nice, how are you liking the move? Really? Oh that's right, I remember you were engaged to some other guy before...well its almost been four years since we last talked so things change I suppose. All the best to the both of ya.

    That's really too bad, especially with the rough economy nowadays, have you managed to find another job?

    PSVIta? Meh...doesn't look too promising to me. Btw, I see that you have a PS3! I'm gonna add you, maybe we'll play some MW3 (if you have it) haha.
    Hey, miss, remember me by any chance? haha

    Just wanted to see how you were doing, I was thinking about our glorious days a PV and I wanted to a drop a hello.
    Well, whoever you want. Just to say this, you can get Wobbuffet from Spooky Manor, but its ability is really only useful for Double/Triple Battles. Your choice is fine; it's whoever you want to win and receive.

    I've been trying to think of a way to get a Superpower Spinda into play. I thought about Trick Room/Baton Pass/Superpower as a combo of sorts. Spinda has the pitiful 60 in base stats. 60 in speed makes it unlikely to attack first, 60 in Attack and Defense will make Superpower have a little bit of lag as a power up. Plus 60 in Special Defense will make it a weak point of special attacks. There doesn't seem to be a sure fire way of doing it.

    I got my Croagunk today from Dream World. I love Croagunk! <3
    If curiosity may persist, were you thinking about voting?

    If you're not, I mean, that's totally okay, too.
    Have you voted for the Pokemon to be released in Dream World?

    I'm just curious, tis all.
    How are you doing? I'm doing fine, but I have schoolwork and I'm trying to get back to Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. Now if I can get my papers together for that game.
    Oh that sounds rough. ;; I've been doing fine just settling into the college life again after a year of absence.
    Here is a video to give you an idea. I'll give you more detail if needed

    You'll enjoy it. I've lost a good amount of weight myself already. Want me to tell you the diet plan and stuff we do in class there that helps?

    Thanks for your words sis *Hugs* I really just want to try and get support for this guy. He's one of the guys you can tell is just sad because of it.

    Pt Elias is with Bootcampwithjess Alpha co and is over 500 lbs, please help him fight the war of fat,obesity, one day at a time watch his progress help him o...
    That's a FB post by one of the Instructor at the Bootcamp gym I've in.

    Can yo please reply to this message with some words of encouragement for me to post on the status for Elias.

    Trying to get him as much support as I can, from as many people as I can.

    There is no need to worry. Everybody neglects me anyway.

    I got the Dream World Banette, and in the spirit of Spooky Manor, I got a Bronzor. Yay Heavy Slam!

    I want to try it again. Maybe one more day this weekend.
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