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  • Sounds about right :p I hope you adjust well!

    Yeah, the old Nintendo consoles were pretty much nonexistent here afaik. I haven't seen a Gamecube! Heh, I wish it's colder everytime, and it only is around December to February or when the rain is cooperative. And it rarely is.

    Ah, that's awesome! I hope it goes well. :D And ah, thanks! That came out of a morning where I was a frustrated writing-wise and wanted to put out something, hahaha. Haven't had time to write much outside of the blog, but I do want to write more one-shots based on ToH conversations a la Soda Pop! Been thinking it would be a good way to celebrate the second anniversary. :D

    Aw damn, I hope you get your hands on your own copy someday! It sounds interesting. :D And haha, I grew up playing this arcade rhythm game called Dance Dance Revolution, so I guess that never left me when I became too tired and lazy to play such an active game. Ahaha.
    I know we haven't talked much before, but with how you've fared in contests I've been in with you in the past it's going to be an honor having you judge me in this one!
    I can definitely agree to that considering my yet again late reply. How was the move? And how is life being an adult? XD

    They've been releasing the PMD and Ranger games so far, though I think Europe just got Snap? That's one of the games I've always wanted to play so I hope it ends up in the NA shop as well. I live in the Philippines, which is on the other side of the Pacific Ocean! And our summers are on April and May but it's hot all year round being a tropical country and all.

    Ah, that's good! At least it keeps you writing. How's it going?

    What's 999 about? And right now a lot of my gaming time is being eaten by Pokemon Go. D: Tried out Rhythm Heaven after its surprise E3 reveal though and it was great! Being a big fan of rhythm games helped, but it's a great game to just go back to every once in a while.
    Whoops, my turn to apologize! Got caught up with a lot of work. Hoping your work in the funeral home is doing okay!

    Well it seems like that's becoming more plausible since they just brought over the old Mystery Dungeon games to VC, and they said that there'll be more during (your) summer! Here's hoping for really awesome ones!

    That's not unproductive at all! Hell, I admire you for actually trying out a chaptered fic because I think those are really daunting projects, regardless of if you post it or not.

    XD It's definitely the best way to adult afaik. And that makes a whole lot of sense. I really only bought Smash Bros just to play it with other people, and literally the only time I put it in the Wii U is when other people are visiting. That was what I thought too, but a friend told me to try out Awakening (the game released before the new ones) and it was honestly the best (non-Pokemon) 3DS game I've played. It's a real time killer though, haha.
    Ah, haha, I figured it was schoolwork. Gets all of us, really (well, workwork in my case but you get the idea). But never mind all the apologies because CONGRATS ON GRADUATING!!!!!!!

    I heard! Really jealous since the other regions have been getting all these great Pokemon VC titles while NA gets, like, Pinball or something. Retelling of Pokemon Colo is one of the first completed fics I read from start to finish here, and it really is an awesome ride.

    Ah, I had the same issue with "24 Months" a while back! It wasn't as "finished" as yours from what you say, but it was going in a different direction from what it turned out to be now, so I get the frustration. At the very least it's a springboard to something better, though!

    Woohoo adult life is basically finding ways to get away from adult life and feeling like a kid again! At least, that's how I've been doing it these past couple of years with the Pokemon and the cartoons. Haha. Pokken was great for a few days, but I unfortunately quickly dropped it because the gameplay felt repetitive and I'm a sore loser. :p Been playing a lot of Fire Emblem since the last time we talked though!
    Well, with RBY being successful I think it's not unlikely that GSC will follow suit. Maybe they'll time it with their 10th anniversary? Although I do hope they revisit more old spinoff titles though like Snap and Stadium so I could at least get a chance to play them. Haha. And lucky you! The most I know of Colo is from reading bobandbill's fic. XD

    Psh, I'm sure all that teasing was very SFW! The girl playfully sipping at a bottle the guy gave him...yeah, totally SFW. And sorry XD But I do wish you luck with Orange!

    XD I'm the same with all these transcriptions I have to do of business interviews. Sure, there's like a minute or two of interesting dialogue but when they're in like the 56th minute mark of a 3-hour interview you're gonna get tired of them. But hey, at least we get through them relatively unscathed, right? :p There's a whole mystery element attached to it as well, so I definitely recommend it if you're into finding out about things!

    And sorry for the really late reply. Busy-ness + laziness isn't a very good combination, and I just got Pokken Tournament so that isn't helping anything...
    "What makes a character tick?" is now your Cool Reviewers' Feature Phrase (Dramatic Melody's was "Always Learning", and Starlight Aurate's was "Reviewing with compassion"). See what I did there? Clockwork, tick? Ha, ha.

    (Please let me know if that sounds cool to you! :))
    I feel you with the European E-shop. They've gotten both the first MD games and the first Ranger game, the latter I've been curious about for forever but just never got the chance to play it. Here's hoping they make it to the US e-shop soon. I'm personally hoping for the Orre games since I've never even so much as seen a Gamecube, but I think that's a bit of a long-shot. Haha.

    That's true! At least everything here is SFW...ideally... And it was a great read! Well, according to the walkthroughs I've browsed before, the best way to move on from Vermilion is either to catch a Diglett or to ignore it completely until you get the other badges. :p

    In the same vein, I'm missing out on all these awesome shows because everything I watch right now is basically cartoons. Haha. I'd recommend Gravity Falls as well, and you can watch the whole thing all at once as it just ended.

    I saw, thanks! I'll reply soon enough.
    XD Its icon in Pokemon Shuffle is actually really cute but idk, I prefer the PSMD one more. Yeah, the MD series could take some getting used to especially coming from the main games' mechanics, but imo it's so worth it. The story is very good, too, so I don't blame you for enjoying those parts more haha. Haven't played Ranger myself, but I'm hoping it comes to the NA VC soon so I can take a shot at it.

    They don't...at least, as far as I know, haha. I do use one browser for official work stuff and another for not official stuff so...? XD Well, thinking more and more about fun settings will get the ball rolling somehow! And oops, I may have incorrectly spelled it myself. But it's actually the opposite because they're points that I don't want them to see because of how underdeveloped they are, so oops. XD

    Heh, I dunno if it can compare to Mad Men and such since I'm unfamiliar with those (being the kid I am I only watch cartoons nowadays ahaha) but here's hoping you like it! SU is also very reliant on characters to move the whole thing forward so here's hoping it's successful in making you empathize with them. And ah, no wonder people like it.

    Alsooo making a note to read and review your one-shot soon! I've just been busy with work and more important stuff (i.e., Pokemon Yellow VC :p).
    I prefer brackets over other similar symbols myself, so yes, at least it has the aesthetics down! And haha, I noticed. I'd love to change my avatar to make it less confusing but...it's Mudkip...my starter in PSMD...best Pokemon of all time...

    That comes in handy I bet! I don't find it too hard to sneak in visits to SppF or other sites since the aisle I'm on is literally the last in a whole row so we rarely get any passersby. Only have to hide it when my boss walks by, haha. Fucshia has the Safari Zone and its rather peculiar Warden, so that could be something! Haha. Either way it'll still be quite a while before you get to them so you'll have a lot of time to think about it. And haha, no prob. I do something similar in documents - I highlight texts - but there've been more than one instance where I forgot about it and submitted papers with that unedited text in. Good thing they're still full sentences, just not expounded like I want to, haha.

    SU is awesome, though it's a slow burn - it isn't until like episode 20+ where you really see the appeal. Not too familiar with The Office myself but I hear it's a cool show! Would be interesting to see it transposed to Pokemon, yeah. Haha. Dunno much about Fallout 4 either but I see it talked around everywhere so I guess it's good?
    Nah, it was the whole []:[] format that took me a while to figure out. XD It's definitely more, uhh, refined than using ~~s or xXs. And haha, it's definitely the first thing people outside the fandom would think of when I mention it's my favorite Pokemon, but I'm more satisfied than anything that they actually know Mudkip even if it's not from Gen 1. :p

    Ohhhhhhh. You must be great at hiding then since I didn't even know you were hiding something! XD I don't think DM even knows about it until now... (He does, and he's gonna get to replying to said review soon! He also says thanks :p ) It's definitely worth pursuing imo! Maybe you could integrate some of them into a Chromatic one-shot someday.

    It was hit or miss from what I remember - some of the advice did seem helpful but some were just pretty condescending. And ahaha, thanks!

    I'm not as invested in other fandoms as I am with Pokemon, but I do follow two cartoons right now: Gravity Falls and Steven Universe. So I really wanna take the FFQ prompt as an opportunity to finally write a fic for either show! I also play a lot of Splatoon but it's pretty hard to write a fic about that since there aren't any concrete characters yet. Its story is deep enough though! How about you? Any fandoms other than Pokemon you've wanted to write a fic for?
    But your username is awesome! And makes you ashamed by not realizing that it's formatted like the time in the first few months you saw it on the forum! (What, haha, no, that isn't, uhh, personal.) IN MY DEFENSE, my adoration for Mudkip wasn't meme-fueled, which may be even rarer than non-meme-fueled loving for Marshtomp. :p

    No prob, your secret's safe with me. I'm sure DM will never find out about that review... Haha, I did finish the rough first draft that day, although I did a bit more revising yesterday before posting it. And those ideas are awesome! I find the second idea with the Bulbasaur and Charmander the most interesting, but all of them seem like great takeoff points for fics! Now all we gotta do is get you a bit more motivation...

    That's definitely a big plus! "Fake it til you make it" may be a world view at this point but it's nice to know you can turn off the fakeness while still enjoying the job. XD

    Well, I do remember this one user who really went personal in terms of their critiques, sprinkling their reviews with jabs and insults to the author. The details are a bit hazy at this point so I may be making that look worse than it actually was, but I did think it was intimidating since I remember that reviewer targeting newbies like I was back then. I was in the receiving end of one of them, too, but I do remember that while it was discouraging, I eventually just put it behind me.

    But yeah, it's great that the community's more "mature" in a sense! And well, at least you'll find a lot of people appreciating your works here! :D

    Heh, thanks! I'm looking at it the opposite way, actually, in that I had no ideas coming for the holiday prompt but the crossover idea seems really interesting to try out, especially since I haven't really written fanfic that isn't about Pokemon. And if I could I'd definitely put you up as recommendation for Reviewers' Feature! You've done way more reviewing than I have so they'll have more material to work with. :D
    I would support the idea purely on the basis that you're labeling it as a superfic. [Imaginative]:[Clockwork] superfic powers ACTIVATE! And haha, derpshtomp I've been always fond off but the recent meme made me see the light of Marsh.

    It's quite a departure from what I'm used to, though, which is making everything low-key. XD It's coming along alright, though, and I have a good feeling I'll be able to finish the first draft today, just in time for posting this week! And ooh, tell me more about that document! :D

    At least now you have several options! And the studio might need a writer down the line so you'll get both opportunities merged into one. :D And ahh, feeling like an entitled customer does bring out the worst in people. I'm glad you took the high road, though.

    I think there was one notorious one back in the day, but that eventually died down as well. (Maybe because of a ban, though, but idk, past is past. XD) And same, and it's something I find hard to sympathize with any of my past orgmates who I still talk to (which is like, four or five of them ahaha) since none of them write fanfic (anymore for one of them). At least we're still writing!

    Haha, thanks! I didn't want to say it before, but when we suddenly went into discussing reviewing style, it was such perfect timing since that was also when I found out I was going to be interviewed. At one point in the interview I actually did refer to you mentioning the compliment sandwich, but I guess that part was cut off for lengthiness. So I should be thanking you for that as well! :D
    Haha, that's true. I've certainly had my share of mind-written chaptered fics that's lost in the imagination realm forever. XD And ohhh you're a Treecko lover! That explains the medium amounts...ish.

    I'm actually cringing a bit whenever I write it since I feel like all the sweet and romantic things I've put in it are either unrealistic or over-the-top XD But it just has to be written, you know? It's in that situation where I'm gonna be more annoyed if I don't finish it.

    At least by the end of the internship you'll be knowledgeable about that as well! Can really come in handy for future jobs - you never know! And that's a very useful skill, too. Would love to make my anger and frustration more discreet, but alas.

    And it doesn't really take away from the fact that you can still criticize their work - you can point out every mistake imaginable as long as the writer doesn't feel like crap afterwards. It was in college, yeah, and being the nerd I am I was a member from freshman until graduation. XD I do know of adult writing organizations existing here, but they're way too hipster and pretentious for me. I'll take an online fanfic community any day over them. :p
    XD Mature might not be the best word...dedicated I guess? I still have something in me that says "You should write another chaptered fic" but then my overall tiresomeness and laziness just laughs at it. XD MEDIUM AMOUNTS OF LIKING MUDKIP IS DANGEROUS. YOU SHOULD ALWAYS STRIVE FOR HIGH AMOUNTS--

    Well, right now it's in the middle! I finally started working on it again just a couple of hours ago, although I barely have half a page on it. Still think I could pull off posting it two weeks from now though. It's pretty simple, just something new.

    That sounds awesome! At least you have your fellow interns backing you up if it gets hectic. As long as you don't make it too noticeable I think you'll be fine. XD

    If you don't mind me sharing, that was actually a pretty big issue in my old writing org. Some of our members just couldn't get the idea that applicants aren't used to hard criticism as members, so they end up scaring them and the applicants usually drop out. I was head of the recruitment group of that org (hence "Exit Interview" :p ) and it became a pretty heated issue. In the end they learned to tone it down, but they were still pretty harsh, but at least we got less applicants dropping out because of it. Granted, those applicants definitely would've learned a lot from those criticisms since all their points were valid, but if they were presented harshly the learning just doesn't follow through.

    Haha, sorry for suddenly ranting. Just remembered it when you were describing your own experience. I definitely agree, and it's nice that the members here are usually on the nice side.

    (No problem! I figured the first few weeks of a semester are always busy because it takes some time getting into the groove again. Hope you're doing okay!)
    Haha, that's true! When I was writing the chaptered fic I rarely worked on anything else, and that dragged on for years. Although a lot of writers do prefer it that way, I think (or at least can juggle multiple projects even with a chaptered fic), so we're actually the oddballs in that regard. :p If anything orange really is a weird color. The best thing about it is that it's the color of Mudkip's face gills tbh :p

    Ah, that makes sense. Now that I think about it I do remember at least one instance where my college semester started on Thursday, so haha. That was what happened with "Stationary" for me, so maybe I could carry that over with this fic? Who knows haha.

    "Satisfying frustration" is a great way of describing something. XD The necessity of doing something usually does ruin it, yeah, but if you enjoy it then you can overcome even that, I think. Tell me how it goes when you get a project!

    Yeah, at the end of the day it's all about helping the writer, and imo just going for straight criticism isn't going to do that unless you know the writer can handle it (which is such a hard thing to assume in an online setting). And haha, I'm astounded by them too! I don't know how they can elaborate a point with such detail.
    Ah, that's reasonable. I do have times where I feel like writing something else but I'm always thinking of how I should fill up my queue more. XD And ah, I'm sure you'll get Orange out of the way soon enough! Just talk about that Machoke with the never-ending project and move on hahaha

    Oh, they start on a Thursday? Bit odd but good luck! And OCs, and I didn't really think about it being a shipping fic but I guess it could pass for one? Haven't worked on it ever since I told you about it though, oops.

    Wooo, congrats! The interview bit sorta sounds like HONY so that already seems exciting in my book. :p I hope that goes well for you! I know how frustrating editing videos can be (not from first-hand experience but some friends have detailed it quite extensively) so good luck with that, too. At least it'll be more interesting than the restaurant jobs. :p

    Ahaha, funny you mention that because I've been sticking to that kind of reviewing style ever since I started reviewing again (didn't even know there was a name for it, but "compliment sandwich" sounds amazing). It's what I was taught in college, so I pretty much stuck to it all the way. I can understand the want to mix it up, though. Hopefully you get the right kind of style for you figured out!
    Hm, dunno about the "open to anything new" part since I still have some one-shot ideas here and there anyway, so I can always write those if I want a change of pace. Trainers of Hoenn is just that constant writing binge I have, but it's not taking away from other projects aside from maybe time. But I guess Chromatic is pretty different seeing as there is an end to it, which like I've said I can't say the same for Trainers of Hoenn.

    Ugh, personal motivation is the hardest kind of motivation, lbr. XD On a lighter note, I am trying to write my first lovey-dovey Valentines-esque fic right now, since an idea just suddenly popped into my head earlier in the week. Hoping to post it next month!

    Yeah, the important part is that it did what it had to do - made me eligible to get that freaking diploma. XD

    Ooh, will the internship at the TV station be a writing job? If so, I hope you get it! And whoa, I don't think I could handle a job in something as fast-paced as a restaurant so kudos to you there! And yep, that's my mindset right now.

    Hm, how so? I don't think there's anything bad per se in having consistent reviews - you're thinking in the same process through each of them so it's natural that they'll be structured the same. And your reviews have been really helpful from the ones I've browsed.
    When I get too tired/busy of it, really. It's unrealistic to expect that I'll be able to think of enough ideas to cover every NPC, after all. :p If anything, the original aim was just 100 conversations, so when that happened I was just like, "Eh, let's see how it goes." And here I am. Haha.

    I've heard of Habitica! I don't think I can commit to it though since I'll be too tired when it's time to open it, haha. But good luck with it! I'm sure you'll get more used to it in the long run. And omg that's true! I remember one of my friends jokingly asked me if I've ever written a smut fic and I just glared at her. XD

    It revolved around a teenage suicide (I wrote it after a recent incident in the country), and it was basically a fragmented story (surprise, surprise) that revolved around a psychologist interviewing people close to the teenager and bringing up pieces of "evidence" that tried to explain why he killed himself. I had this whole chapter where it was just the text messages of the teenager right up to the suicide, and back then I thought it was one of the best things I've ever thought of. It's a real mess of a story though, and I'm glad it was only read by like five people (my adviser and some of my friends) because that honestly shouldn't see the light of day. :p

    That's awesome! There seems to be huge diversity if I'm going by the two you've told me (life insurance and media) so I hope you get the one that you like! And whoa, was it for a restaurant or a kitchen? And nah, don't have any yet. Gonna see how long I can hold up with my current job first. Haha.

    Me too. There's a certain satisfaction to making a review, too. If only I had more free time, haha. And at this rate, every active fic in the forum would have a review from you! :p
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