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Dec 11, 2010
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X-treme trainer

    1. Dramatic Melody
      Dramatic Melody
      XD If anything, I think I got all of them in my first run. Hahaha. But yes, there aren't any Victory Road trainers in the queue right now so it'll be a while. I can really confirm that. It's a really nice feeling to get to writing something out every day. Even if it's just half a conversation, it's still helpful. I don't know how exactly, but I can feel that it is. And now you're making me curious about what that trainer fic was! :p Nah, I think it was pretty early on in the friendship when they found out that I loved Pokemon, and they were pretty receptive to it. It helped that two of them also play it (though aren't in to it in the same degree as I am) and that they also have their child-oriented fandoms (a la Steven Universe). And omg, I remember thinking of doing the same thing for one of my classes for a one-shot I wrote years before Berries. I was gonna go through with it until a better plotline hit me.

      XD But if anything, my thesis is probably the most experimental I got with my writing, which I think my adviser did appreciate to a degree. She was at least open to it which is more than I could ask for.

      It's definitely an industry that isn't for everyone, at least according to the subject I'm writing about. And hah, that's true! Thanks. It's still an interview to add to your experience, though, so at least you got something out of it! It's not the kind of writing I'd like to delve into (business writing), so I don't see myself sticking around too long, but yeah, I'm very satisfied with it for the most part because of my awesome boss.

      Definitely. There were so many good ones this year (and many just from the last few weeks of the year!) that it was such a joy to read, and it's probably what got me to reviewing more, too. But you seem like you're catching up on that since I just saw your reviews for more fics!
    2. Dramatic Melody
      Dramatic Melody
      Yep. I was only gonna go through it once, but then it crashed so I had to restart. XD It's no big deal since I pretty much memorize the game, and right now Brendan's chilling in Sootopolis since he doesn't feel like going to Seafloor Cavern yet. XD I think part of what helped me through college was that chaptered fic I told you about, since I learned a lot from the reviews I got from it. And only my closest group of friends know I write fanfic, and some of them have read some conversations of Trainers of Hoenn, but I don't think I'd have the guts to show them 24 Months or any of my other one-shots. Partly because of embarrassment and partly because I'm afraid of how critical they'll be to it. :p

      It's definitely an interesting element, and it was nearly the subject of my thesis, too, but my adviser was smart enough to tell me that I would be very confused in how to approach it due to lack of linguistics training. XD

      Hah, I wish. It's an article for the magazine. Though you may have just given me an idea for a conversation on Trainers of Hoenn, so thanks. :p And hah, that's actually pretty honest and somewhat realistic so it's not all too bad! I always screw up in "What are your weaknesses" because I tend to show my self-deprecation a bit too much in that part. Hahaha. It helped that the magazine was still new back then (in that I wasn't replacing anyone but getting hired for an entirely new position), so yeah it was really lucky. Part of the reason why I'm still sticking around, honestly.

      The current nomination slate for the awards beg to differ, though, with all the one-shots on there so far. :p (Speaking of which, thanks so much for the nominations! :) ) But yeah, it's not often a one-shot gets posted on the forum, so to have like a dozen of them all posted within a week is such a treat. Same with the reviewing, pretty much because I'm more used to writing them, too. And good luck with yours! I'm sure all those planning will pay off somehow.
    3. Dramatic Melody
      Dramatic Melody
      XD It's the easiest way I could meet the visual element of HONY, and when I found out that the software I use (which I can't say in detail because of forum rules, yeah) can take screenshots, I went with that. Haha. That's part of what draws readers in, too, at least for me. You can do so much with colors that it'll always be interesting to read. And hell yes on how fanfic has definitely improved my craft. I've learned a lot of things here that I would've never learned from my four years of college writing classes.

      There's some linguistics behind it, apparently. I know there's a study on how repetition affects the "infectiousness" of pop songs which is why you always hear a lot of repeating lines in them, so maybe it's the same with writing. I definitely don't intend my writing to be "infectious" that way, but I'm glad there's some sort of positive effect.

      Funnily enough, the story I'm currently working on is also on a life insurance company, so cool coincidence there! At least you know how to answer those "What-are-your-weaknesses" kind of questions now! Haha. And I submitted an application online, but for a different magazine under the same company. I didn't hear from them for a whole month, but then they called - by then I've been to a couple of other interviews. I was unemployed, so of course I took the opportunity, and I got hired a few days after that call. :)

      It's been impressive already, and I think you've reviewed enough to cover you for months XD I was happy to see so many one-shots posted in so little time, so I made sure to comment on as many of them as possible. And nah, I never stick to my writing resolutions so I've gave up on them. Maybe if it's as simple as "get to 300 conversations of Trainers of Hoenn" I would (right now I'm at around 280 so it's not as Farfetch'd as it sounds) but they always end up being ridiculous like "write a one-shot per month!" so nope, not this time. As for non-writing resolutions... hahaha. How about you?
    4. Dramatic Melody
      Dramatic Melody
      XD When I was snooping around Tumblr, I did find one who was making a Humans of New York-like blog with Pokemon trainers, and they even had original artwork to go with it. The blog only had like two or three posts though, so I guess that's safe. Chromatic's just such a cool concept, and the whole color scheme theme you're working with is a great way to tie it together. I didn't even realize that the colors were connected to their respective Kanto cities until I read Grey, haha. We both have our old shames *cough* everythingIwrotebeforeBerries *cough* and they're old for a reason! I'm sure both of our writings have improved by then, one way or another.

      Heh, thanks. I know that took years to finish so I'm proud of it in its own way, but it's an old shame I don't intend to revisit, haha. And thanks! There's a lot I still want to do to improve it - maybe expand it by a few more fragments - but the consequences of procrastination led to that. I based the repetition and fragmentation on a lot of experimental poetry I read in college, and it was fun revisiting that kind of form (I used it before for an original work for school), so I'm glad you found it effective!

      Hey, that's great! Any interview is a good interview, even if the job sucks (since you can always say no), since you'll still get interview experience out of it. My first job was sort of the same (educational publishing but digital), though I left pretty quickly because of how far it was from my home and how the traffic went from worse to worst here.

      Also, you've been insane in pumping out all those reviews recently! That's really awesome for you to do. I'm trying to review as many as possible too but I don't think I'll be able to match you in scale. :p Aaaaand happy new year!
    5. Dramatic Melody
      Dramatic Melody
      Heh, thanks! Still can't believe it lasted a whole year. I'm less eager about it than before (i.e., I don't have a month's worth of posts queued up anymore) but I still love that project. Such a nice break from work. And ooh, it's been a while since I read "White", but I can understand why you'd like it. All the one-shots in Chromatic are particularly good anyway so :p And heh, I'm not sure if I've read both actually? Maybe it's been a while. My memory isn't the best. My least favorite of all the ones I've written recently would have to be "Escape Rope" - I liked the idea I had with it, but I felt like my execution was really sloppy. I did get one of the best critiques I've gotten out of it though so at least that's a plus.

      Heh, same here. I've completed a chapter fic once, but that came with all the immaturities of writing from my younger self. >_> I don't think I'll have any plans on writing another one, but I'm with you on having a continuous project to work on - that's me with Trainers of Hoenn. If you do get a chance to view the Yuletide Tree, you should definitely take a look at the one Poetry wrote for me (the one labeled with my username) - it's so awesome! I'll probably revise mine heavily and post it next year, but no promises there since it's gonna take a whole lot of revision. And heh, I'm used to submitting writing I'm not satisfied with - I've had a lot of practice from college. :p

      Woohoo, graduation!! Almost forgot that you were still a student (ugh, now I feel old again), but heeey, graduation! Any plans yet?
    6. Dramatic Melody
      Dramatic Melody
      Hmm, excluding Trainers of Hoenn since that'll easily take the crown because it's continuous (and a big boost to my ego :p ) and of course excluding anything I've written before "Berries" (because those need to stay unearthed like they should), I do have to say "24 Months". Like I said, I felt like it was the first time I was successful in using fragments in a one-shot, and I feel like I've understood more about my craft when I got to revisiting it. So an indirect thank you to you for writing A Hundred Tries because you allowed me to write my favorite recent one-shot. :D Gonna throw the question back to you! I have my own favorites (*cough* "Fad" *cough*) but I wanna see what yours are among your works.

      Heh, that's true. That's one of the benefits of writing one-shots I guess - there's no added pressure in finishing something you've started since it's already finished by the time you started it. And yep, it was fragmented XD I don't plan on posting it anytime soon since I feel it's still incomplete and could use a whole lot more revision, but you can read it in the Yuletide Tree link in the thread along with all the other Yuletide fics!

      Yep, had a good Christmas despite the deadlines, so I hope they're awesome in your end! And let's hope 2016 is even better! :D
    7. Dramatic Melody
      Dramatic Melody
      Yeah, I was happy to find a way to make the narrative continuous and fragmented at the same time. Felt like a best of both worlds sort of thing :p And aw, that's awesome! Although I don't know why you'd find yourself reading something as sad as that over and over, I really appreciate it. :) And holiday work is one of the saddest phrases ever, believe me.

      Well, I'm sure it'll come to you soon. Was in the same rut when I was writing my Yuletide fic, and I went through quite a lot of rewritings before settling down with what I submitted. It'll turn out great, though! And whenever it does come to you, I'm sure it'll be before that guy with the Machop in Vermilion finishes completing his building. :p

      Sorry I haven't responded to yours either. Busy past few days was busy (and busy days are still busy >_>). I'll try to do so sooner rather than later though since I've also been planning to review some fics that were updated.

      Anddd happy holidays!! Hope they're more imaginative than clockwork in your end. :D
    8. Dramatic Melody
      Dramatic Melody
      XD In hindsight, how I approached Stationary was just a watered down version of how I approached 24 Months - the latter's fragments are there for a reason, while the former is just fragmented because of the time-checking and because that's how I outlined it while writing it. Haha. And really appreciate you saying that! 24 Months holds the honor of being the one-shot that took me the longest to finish. :p Thanks for the Yuletide encouragement, too. Gonna try and get that finished today since my holidays have suddenly been filled with work, so there's no better time to get Yuletide out of the way than now. >_>

      And it was a welcome switching up imo. Gives more personality to the collection as a whole, too. And heh, I'm sure "Orange" can wait seeing as you have(had?) finals.

      If by soon-ish you meant hours after you sent me that VM, then no, I didn't expect it at all :p Thanks for the review! Gonna try and review yours tonight, too. Really excited to see Baton in its revised form. :D
    9. Dramatic Melody
      Dramatic Melody
      Yep, really was. Not the first time I delved into a fragmented one-shot but I feel it was the first time I used it properly. Been gravitating toward writing those recently as Stationary and Trainers of Hoenn are technically fragmented, and my Yuletide fic (that's been bugging me these past few weeks to be finished, oops) suddenly became a fragmented piece after toying around with other forms and not getting the right groove for it. That's why I was nervous going into Exit Interview since it was the first time in a while I was writing in a traditional form.

      And for what it's worth, that's probably a big reason why "Blue" stuck with me the most among the recent Chromatic one-shots - how it used fragments was really clever.

      Haha, I do wanna find the time to review them, but knowing that I can technically read most of them already is nagging me to do so. :p And that's a real gift you got there. Haha.
    10. Dramatic Melody
      Dramatic Melody
      Dunno where I got it honestly, although I do know that college reading had something to do with it. Always found myself gravitating toward the stories that use fragments well. And I'm aiming to do that as well, at least to as many one-shots as possible (or rather, as many one-shots as I can read in my free time). A lot of them are just so interesting. Was gonna read Negrek's after I read yours but then Trainers of Hoenn looked at me suspiciously and made me go back to working on it. Haha.

      XD For what it's worth, it didn't seem rushed at all - it was really well thought out.
    11. Negrek
      Thanks! I'm glad to hear you enjoyed it even though you aren't familiar with the source material. I look forward to saying more about yours when you make a thread, too; I really enjoyed the POV-switching you did in your story (I thought the transitions were perfectly smooth, fwiw), and the cast of characters you came up with was fantastic.
    12. Dramatic Melody
      Dramatic Melody
      Thanks. :) And hah, don't worry about it! Your critique was spot-on - it was my fault I overdid it. XD

      I'm a sucker for fragmented works - I love reading them as much as I do writing them :p - which I guess is why Solar System is the one I'm interested in the most right now. I do want to read all of them when they're posted, though! And yeah, I've never even seen a Gamecube in my life, so all I know of Colosseum and XD is from bobandbill's fic. Haha.

      So I had a bit of free time (and a lot of writing to put off, sorry Trainers of Hoenn) so I went ahead and read Baton('s draft), and wow that's a good story. How you shift from one character to another is amazing, and it made the atmosphere tense while contrasting with how the story was relatively calm for the most part (I mean, minus the murder, but yeah that's calm). Gonna save the rest for when you post the revision, but damn that was a pleasure to read. :D
    13. Dramatic Melody
      Dramatic Melody
      Still can't believe it tbh. I was already gonna be really happy if I ended up in 5th, but then this happens.

      Pretty excited to read the other ones, too. Blackjack Gabbiani's looks interesting, and even if it's in a canon I'm not familiar with I'm interested in how they took the vignette form with it. I also wanna read Negrek's even if I'm not at all familiar with Cipher, but how the reviews described the story was really fascinating.
    14. Dramatic Melody
      Dramatic Melody
      Hey there! Just wanna drop by and say congrats on the one-shot contest! I'll definitely find the time to read and review your entry—least I can do for all the help with mine. :)
    15. Dramatic Melody
      Dramatic Melody
      It's a publishing house that has several magazines under its name. I'm not sure if it's the same for other countries but it's the most common setup here.

      Damn, that's some intense writing there. Hopefully it works out for you here since it sure looked like it did the last time. :) I'll send it over right now! Thanks so much!
    16. Dramatic Melody
      Dramatic Melody
      I'm so far from being a hipster but I'll be one in your vision for you =)) I have hipster friends from school, so I guess that helps? And I've seen some around the office but I don't know which magazine they write for.

      Oh. Will it be all right? I really need a second opinion on it because I know it's missing something but I don't know what. And yep, basically the editor to the writer before the writer publishes. :)
    17. Dramatic Melody
      Dramatic Melody
      Good point. Haha.

      Really way off, actually. In fact, I'm the only one in my team with a creative writing background, or rather the only one with neither a business or journalism background. And considering it's a business magazine, I'm actually the most hipster you'll get, and I'm not even one. XD Maybe another magazine in the publishing house would fit your description better.

      Yeah, I got a rough first draft done before the deadline extension, so I've been editing it here and there these past few days. You interested in a beta exchange before we submit it next week? And thanks!
    18. Dramatic Melody
      Dramatic Melody
      Well, I mean, we sort-of already deal with dead bodies in our writing, so... :P

      Haha, it isn't really as impressive as it sounds seeing as I'm not the networking person. Yep, a lot of deadlines, although I'm thankful my boss is pretty lax with them in that he doesn't howl at me for missing/forgetting some. And I'm the same with skimming research, but I don't know, I had a lot of energy whenever I looked for sources for my thesis/papers. Sure, they were tiring and very frustrating, but it was a real joy finding the right source and the right quote and all. But like I said, I don't have plans to take graduate classes anytime soon, so that's still a far off thing for me. Haha.

      I'm planning on dedicating one afternoon this weekend to write the entire thing, sort-of like what I did with "Stationary". Hopefully that'll be enough for me to meet the deadline. Good luck with yours as well! :) And sorry for the late reply. Moved in to our new house last week so I was extra busy.
    19. Dramatic Melody
      Dramatic Melody
      Yeah, any sort of alone time's very much appreciated, although I'd rather it not come with the creepiness XD I hope it all goes well for you, though! I'm sure the experience will come in handy when you apply to other jobs in the future.

      Oh definitely. It's a great learning experience so far, and I've gotten to meet a lot of interesting (corporate) people. It's not so much the journalism that's flexible but more of what you get from it, which isn't all just journalism stuff, from what I've experienced. And same here, graduate school is a very far aim for me. I mean, I'd like to experience it someday, but that probably won't be within the next ten years or something. Haha. What do you mean by "perfect quote"?

      I have like a page and a half of one of my writing notebooks filled up with the starting paragraphs of an idea, but it's still barebones and it's not really all that good. I'm pretty much going with it though because I don't think I have enough time to think of something else. Haha.
    20. Dramatic Melody
      Dramatic Melody
      Oh dang, and given the setting it's understandable. I guess that's what music / videos / homework / whatever other distractions are for, right? What time is your shift usually?

      Yeah, pretty pleased with it given my writing degree (although I didn't have training on this kind of writing), and I'm learning a lot about journalism. I actually like the research since it isn't as tough as it's made out to be--monotonous and time-consuming, sure, but it isn't stressful. I guess it helps that I had a knack for spending hours researching for a paper when I was in college.
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