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Dec 11, 2010
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X-treme trainer

    1. Dramatic Melody
      Dramatic Melody
      Oh, that's great. And you're in a place where you can't just laze around so you're forcedmotivated to do homework. :P

      I'm mostly in charge of research, though I do edit often, and I've written a couple of articles here and there. Can't relate much with the subject of the magazine (corporate stuff) but it's all good.
    2. Dramatic Melody
      Dramatic Melody
      Oh wow! Not the first place I had in mind for work, but hey, work is work. And yeah, it may not be for the long-term but hey, I guess there's cash involved, right? And that can only be a good thing :P And that's great to hear!

      Am working for a magazine right now, and it's pretty okay. The last week was hectic with all the deadlines, but at least it was productive.
    3. Dramatic Melody
      Dramatic Melody
      Didn't want to post on your thread just for this, but congrats on the new job! Hope it and school are going well so far. :)
    4. Dramatic Melody
      Dramatic Melody
      Yep, totally even. Well, on one hand I feel guilty that I'm making you feel down about something, but on the other hand I feel happy that I got the emotions of the project across, so I don't really know what to say? :P And will sure do. It'll probably be a conversation down the line.
    5. Dramatic Melody
      Dramatic Melody
      XD It's all right. It's pretty much the same sort of optimism you were talking about in 24 Months. And it's not really a bad thing! If anything, it made them more interesting as characters for me since at least their motivations were clearer. And I'm pretty sure I can think of a conflict for a conversation from them, so thanks in advance. Haha.
    6. Dramatic Melody
      Dramatic Melody
      Welp, I guess I looked at the parents in Grey too positively XD Thanks for clarifying it, though. It definitely makes more sense that way, even though the "sense" isn't really something favorable. Hahaha.
    7. Mudkipzroks
      Thanks for the FR
    8. Mudkipzroks
      Oh i see would you like to be friends
    9. Mudkipzroks
      You have a great name and Scizor rulez
    10. Dragonfree
      No, that makes sense. I'll see if I can try to get that better.

      Thanks for being constructive and articulating what bugged you; not everyone bothers.
    11. Glameoww
      heya ^__^
      are you in a clan?

      yours sincerly
      glam x
    12. Breezy
      Ohhh, a three hand thing then. Yeah, that's a definite error. Thanks for the catch!
    13. PokemonTrainerKaden
      Hello Serebii member,
      I am part of a clan known as…Clan Darkwoods. We are currently seeking more members and are a growing clan. If you are interested in entering the forest, please fill out this application form
      Your username-
      Your FC/PO-
      Your favorite pokemon-
      Who referred you(if none leave blank)-
      And post it on this thread----http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=526312----
      Anyone can join and all are welcome.
    14. Sgeckledorf Spoongeblorb
      Sgeckledorf Spoongeblorb
      I know I'm being a shameless ***** by doing this, but....

      Could you review my fic?

      Since I love reading yours, I guessed I could ask a small favor of you.

      Don't worry, I won't try to push you to read anything ever again.
    15. KibaLG8
      It does seem pretty funny. Glad you liked it.lol
    16. Breezy
      I suppose. =P Though since you mention it, it made me think of how clockwork could be imaginative. So mission accomplished!
    17. Breezy
      I like your username, btw. =P There's something aesthetically pleasing about seeing it.
    18. Metagross Guy
      Metagross Guy
      ^^ Ahh well, pleasure to meet you. Pop punk FTW
    19. Metagross Guy
      Metagross Guy
      Mayday Parade is epic xD do you listen to Alesana, A skylit drive and so on?
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