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Recent content by [Imaginative]:[Clockwork]

  1. [Imaginative]:[Clockwork]

    2017 Fanfiction Awards - RESULTS

    This is amazing! My activity has been so inconsistent lately that I'm honored just to get nominations, let alone two wins! I was really unsure about Orange when I was writing and posting it, so the positive reaction it's gotten has been such a relief, and so heartwarming. Hopefully I can be just...
  2. [Imaginative]:[Clockwork]

    Dear Liepard, [one-shot]

    Super late to the party, but I really liked this! I would go so far as to say I think it's much better than Dear Purrloin,. I liked that story a lot too, but I think you captured a consistent voice for Hazel much better here, and the fact that she's older now I think allowed you to get out of...
  3. [Imaginative]:[Clockwork]

    Arbitrary Execution

    I'm not sure if there's any sort of notification system in the new forums, so it may be a while before you see this, but I couldn't finish this fic without leaving my final thoughts! The ending was powerful, and although a lot of that is due to the great evil being defeated, I think what's most...
  4. [Imaginative]:[Clockwork]

    Arbitrary Execution

    I really liked this one. Lots of payoffs and what appears to be setups for the final act, which is exciting! I did feel this chapter was a little top-heavy though. It felt like the sequence of events became less... not necessarily important, but maybe less gripping as the chapter progressed...
  5. [Imaginative]:[Clockwork]


    I'm not exactly super active right now, so don't worry lmao Thank you! This one was a lot of fun to write, and I'm glad that came across reading it. I liked Penelope a lot, so I think that helped. I had a lot of different plans for how I could end this, one of which was of course that the...
  6. [Imaginative]:[Clockwork]

    A Lesson Learned (one-shot for Serebii Yuletide 2017; G)

    I think I'm programmed to automatically like any story focused on BW, so I was excited to see this was about Nate's journey. You do a good job of hinting at kind of the everyday life of a trainer with Nate getting lost in the cave and how he constantly has his eyes ahead. I also like that the...
  7. [Imaginative]:[Clockwork]

    A Gym Legacy

    This was sweet. I've always been mildly fascinated by the dynamic between Janine and Koga, and getting a little peek at them here was nice. Familial relationships are always a treat, and the soft contrast between Janine's nervousness and her father's seriousness was cute, especially when he let...
  8. [Imaginative]:[Clockwork]

    Arbitrary Execution

    Whew! I've been gone for a little while, but I've finally caught up! Things have obviously gotten a little more intense since my last review, which is exciting. From my perspective, the biggest shakeup is the Cass reveal, but that's probably because their dynamic is one of my favorite parts of...
  9. [Imaginative]:[Clockwork]


    Thank you! I'm not used to writing super detailed descriptions like that, especially gross ones, but it was fun heh. Thanks! Penelope's personality made this really fun to write, so I'm glad you liked it! Haha, I wrote this because I love all those things too ^^ It's good to know I'm not the...
  10. [Imaginative]:[Clockwork]


    Sad to say that five months is a pretty quick update time for me haha, but on the plus side my incredibly slow writing made it so that I could post this slightly more Halloween-y one-shot in October. The idea that I originally had for this one had to be changed because it was too similar to what...
  11. [Imaginative]:[Clockwork]

    Platonic: A Family and Friendship One-Shot Contest

    I hate to say it, but I don't think I'll be able to enter this contest. The idea I had sort of fell apart and I don't have any others I think I would be satisfied. Sorry for prematurely saying I'd probably be entering, but good luck to everyone!
  12. [Imaginative]:[Clockwork]

    Arbitrary Execution

    Sorry I've been missing for the last several chapters! Since I have missed reviewing so much, I'll probably mostly talk about the most recent chapter, but I will say that I've of course been enjoying this story immensely. The intermingling of the story Artemis is trying to live and the one she's...
  13. [Imaginative]:[Clockwork]

    Platonic: A Family and Friendship One-Shot Contest

    My progress with anything is always incredibly slow, but I've finally settled on an idea and am working through it right now! This contest seemed tailored made for me since I love writing about friendship, but lately I've been experiencing a serious motivation block. Hopefully I can get it done...
  14. [Imaginative]:[Clockwork]

    Fan Fiction Reviewers' Leaderboard

    One review for Arbitrary Execution. My review was pretty vague, so I'll just say this is one point haha. And a review for Iris, also for one point!
  15. [Imaginative]:[Clockwork]

    Iris [one-shot]

    Oh my god, that was a delight. I admit I'm a huge sucker for these dry, over-it character pieces (especially with this one's customer service angle), and this one hit all the right spots for me. I worked at a Dairy Queen for years, so the flattening of individuals into broad types felt too...