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  • HEY! from what i saw you have a few DW pokemon that i am interested in.

    the pokemon are: ditto, slowpoke, bagon, and carvanha.

    i am willing to offer a pokemon in my signiture per trade! im 100% legit. (shiny collector)

    look forward to hearing bac from you very soon! THANKS!
    u can send me a message now the nature of the keldeo is naughty and wat would we be tradin i forget
    Hi I am interested in your shiny Shaymin, kyurem, cresselia, uxie, azelf, mespirit, and a few other shinies of yours take a look in my shop (link in my Sig) to see what I can offer
    I just saw your post in the DW trading thread, and I'm very interested in that Ho-Oh & Lugia of yours. Do you have a Hasty Ho-Oh??? As for Lugia, I'm simply very interested in it! :)

    What are your wants? I've got plenty in events that I can offer.
    I will remove those as well for future posts as well, I got those a long time ago so I just copied and pasted from back in the day when I was trading here a year ago. Since the release of BW2 I came back to RNG. But thanks for pointing out the hacks.
    also your shiny arceus and level 40 shiny darkrai are hacks as well. darkrais from diamond and pearl are illegal since the event item was released only for platinum. arceus cannot be shiny. all hall of origin arceus are illegal since the item was never released and only way to get it is to hack
    your shiny fateful encounter celebi is hacked. all shiny celebis are hacks cause it cannot be shiny. also pcny wish events can't be shiny since they could not be rnged.
    are you able to RNG shiny baby pokemon i can't find anyone who is able to help me i need one specific pokemon for a friend i would really appreciate it if you could help thanks :) and i can offer some shinies for this one shiny pokemon
    Hi I was wondering if you still have the following event pkmn. See my trade shop for what I can offer -I have over 100 events now.

    Celebi Timid WIN2011 ID#02211 (UT and still usuable for Zorua)
    Fall2010 Mew Timid
    Manaphy TRU Timid
    Jirachi Wish Maker UT Timid Shiny!
    Shaymin TRU Timid
    Hey I know that you're mainly a breeder but if you enjoy battles would you maybe want to join my friend Auramaster's tournament? We need more competitors. The tournament begins on August 26th.
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