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  • hull imperviousman. i'm looking for a deoxys. i have all the 5th gen legends (shiny or otherwise) a boatload of shinies and a mew.
    hey i was wondering if you could breed me a shiny adamant DW elekid with magnet rise? i can offer whats in my sig alao Shiny FLAWLESS Timid Thundurus with HP ice, Shiny timid FLAWLESS verizion thx :)
    Hi there, I saw your post on the shiny-trading thread again xD. Would you be interested in a shiny Latios [Modest], shiny Latias [Timid], or shiny Latios [Timid]? o:
    No problem! Thanks for the breeds! That's 1/3 of my team. :p If you ever need something else, I'm sure I'll have a breed request that we can work something out for. :)
    I sent an email to your Yahoo! account, but got no response. :( I'm ready when you are. I might be getting to bed soon, so if it doesn't happen tonight, there's always some time tomorrow if you're available. :)
    I need to make sure my DS works okay with the wireless where I'm at now first, but that shouldn't take too long. And I also need to migrate them first. Can't believe I forgot to do that earlier. >.< Shouldn't be long.

    EDIT: Apparently my brother left his DS at my relative's house, which is out of town. :( I'll have it by Saturday if that still works for you.
    Got it!!! Sorry about that.

    Last time was my first, and I was the one contacted, so I got lost. My apologies.
    As the previous poster said, "You have Shiny Tynamo??? <3<3"
    I have a flawless DW Torchic with active Pokerus, and a shiny female DW Poliwag. I also have dozens of Shinies. And I can clone as well, so I would clone the Tynamo for you if you wish.
    You have Shiny Tynamo??? <3

    I have a few legendaries left from my trading sprees left, along with some level 100 pokes, and about 200 other miscellaneous ones, if you're interested. :)
    Hello. I can offer you some of tje events you want in return for the jolly v-create victini. I can offer tru regigas and a deoxys.
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