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Recent content by imran3

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    Community POTW #070

    Batman's back, and Wow! Look at that Attack! Crobat @ Life Orb Ability: Infiltrator EVs: 252 Atk, 252 Spd, 4 HP Nature: Jolly Brave Bird X-Scissor/Steel Wing Cross Poison Roost Infiltrator to hit through pesky Subs and Reflects. Life Orb boosts this guy's offenses by 1.33 which give about an...
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    Rate my UU team

    A few edits from my suggestions: Sucker Punch is awesome, seeing it's low Speed. Destiny Bond is an awesome kamikaze which I plan to use on my Sharpedo gimmick. But with Prankster, man, MegaDactyl is gone, no matter how fast it is. Shadow Claw is sadly your best STAB, wish there were more...
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    Rate my UU team

    I'm a total newb and I started competitive battling a few weeks ago. So I only have simple advice, but I can rate it. Assuming battle format is Single: Banette. I really don't like Pain Split. Prankster is awesome, and Frisk works really well with Knock Off. Will-o-Wisp is great to neutralize...
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    [ORAS OU] Mega Gallade Team

    My 'strategy' (it's actually a gimmick) uses Mega Gallade too. Justified is really significant here, though. Beat Up. +6 Attack. I OHKO'd a Mega Ray with Drain Punch a hell lot of times. But alas, it's just a gimmick. The AI beat me... Don't use my technique in rating battles or other VGCs...
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    Official Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Help Thread

    I got through all 5 contests, with the most OP pokemon, both in battlefields and contest halls, Rayquaza. I maxed out it's contest stats with around a dozen of Lansat/Starf Berry to make them Pokeblock Pluses. (Don't worry, keep growing more berries as alternatives.) Then I pick up the scarves...
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    Mega Gallade Team- Triple

    Thanks, I just won my first rating battle with Gallade, it was really funny since he brought a Pidgeot even though he used Mega Aggron (and I OHKO'd it with a +6 Drain Punch).
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    Mega Gallade Team- Triple

    Don't worry, I've got a Ditto and a Lucario with me :D. Do you happen to know what tier Mega Luke is in? Do you also know the counter to my previous team and how to counter that? Sorry for being so inquisitive. That's just me :P
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    Hoenn Region Discussion Thread

    Hmm.. since y'all are talking about Electric type gyms, why not I make a sinister one :evil: This puzzle will feature electric circuits. There will be, idk 3 levels? You will have to step on a switch in the middle of each level to power the elevator. You will get a key/legend from Clyde for...
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    Mega Gallade Team- Triple

    Thank you ma'am, for showing me this technique. I've come to a conclusion that Gallade is only meant for this strategy and it's just a mere gimmick that no one would have expected, but every now and then, people keep using the exact same Pokemon I use. Will try to breed Lucario, I think Inner...
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    Mega Gallade Team- Triple

    Thank you ma'am. Shell Bell or Leftovers, both are good. And so I should make it Brave with same EVs. And an odd HP for stealth rock resistance. Is Steel Wing good to handle rocks? Whimsicott it is. The stats on Smeargle are simply... horrible. But which item could be on Whimsicott. Smeargle...
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    Mega Gallade Team- Triple

    Bump! It's been 5 days... anyone mind replying?
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    Mega Gallade Team- Triple

    Thank you for my viewing my set. Today, here I have, is a set that focuses on the UU or RU Mega Gallade. But wait! This is Triples, so I should put this guy as dependant. Feel free to browse through this set.
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    Discussion of Serebii's Pokémon Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire Discoveries

    What is Team Magma's Azoth project? A means beginning Z means ending O T H? Could this lead to the next version's names?
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    PokéRadar & Chain Fishing Thread

    I got a Shiny Carvanha after 109 reels and averagely 50 reels of 3 Goldeens. In total 259 reels. And they say chain fishing is way too easy.