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Recent content by Inalina

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    Helping To Evolve Your Pokemon Thread

    I need to evolve my Boldore, please contact me via PM. I can also help someone :DD FC:4685 3384 1209
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    I drop by, to say hello =^^=

    I drop by, to say hello =^^=
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    I want to join your group. :*

    I want to join your group. :*
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    I'm up to challange you. Sorry for delay :P:P

    I'm up to challange you. Sorry for delay :P:P
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    Hi guvie! I've just beaten my Platinium, just for you to know. If you want a battle PM me ^^ As...

    Hi guvie! I've just beaten my Platinium, just for you to know. If you want a battle PM me ^^ As before, if ya want a Pkmn just tell meh.
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    To halloweenghost At Serebii site, in Platinium's Wi-Fi section it is written about Secret Key held twice, but in Japan: Release Dates: Japan: September 28th 2008 to November 4th 2008 Japan: January 16th 2009 to March 2nd 2009 America: April 20th 2009 to May 12th 2009 Europe: June 8th 2009...
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    I wasn't as lucky to get Pokemon Platinium before the wi-fi events like Darkrai's Membership Pass and Rotom key. Its pretty sad how it turned out,but anyway: I saw the information about the Rotom Secret key event was held in Japan 2 times. Event was held again for some reason. Will it occur also...
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    The Nicknaming Thread

    Gyaaa! I nicknamed PKMN since Sapphire.. Althogh i am still doin it! Lopunny=Mimi Honchkrow=Murky Roserade= Roselass (coz it cooperate with Frostlass) Frostlass= Frostrade (same but to Roserade) Bibarel= Bobrik (its alternate Polish name for beaver... but somewat sweet... something like...
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    Official "I died, I need help!" Thread ***READ 1ST POST***

    Help! I have just fainted in Southern Cave... This is my 1st time asking for rescue or even making a rescue and i need help.I fell in a Monster House probably on 32 floor. Here is the password: JQ?7MWRXHK!??QYP?M ?-????P?(male sybol)3?!??K(female symbol)H? ??X?8!9??16??N...R+...
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    Pokemon DP Gym Leage!

    ekhem... I think kangaroo already understand situation with 4 topics not only one.Most people who have been on this thread remind him this. When he log in again he will probably delete others.So if you can... Go with topic... Do not make Off-topic here.
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    Pokemon DP Gym Leage!

    I wanna too! But i don't have game yet and i will get it later than you coz i must import it from USA... But here is my position: Name:Inami Gym:Hanagumi Gym Rank:Gym Leader Type:All Double battle for me please.If you dont accept this profile of gym i will send you my team to personalize.
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    What manga series are you reading as of now?

    So... I have and read/i have already end it: Hack//.Bransoleta Zmierzchu(all)(Its polish name.. i dont know english ^^")Tokyo Mew Mew(2 more tomes)(it is horrible vaseline XD My mum bought me it :3)Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne(all)(<--my idol XD)Legend(just realised),Fullmetal Alchemist(collest manga...
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    What Animals should be a Pokemon

    A demon and an angel pokemon-sharped like cuite lil plushies =^^= That could be cool... And... A light strike pokemon... yeah... SHarped like thunder...And a... policemon XD <joke> More fish pokemon-very from deep see-you know this creepy ones.I know there is Lanturn but he is cute!More...
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    Ladies and Gentelmen,presenting special version...But will it be?

    eh... it bother... Coz i m half collector and i want a Nintendo DS Lite coz i have normal one.So... it bother :)
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    Ladies and Gentelmen,presenting special version...But will it be?

    So you are lucky... Coz i wanted to import it from USA XD. You know in Poland you cant even see GBA SP edition of Fire Red and Leaf Green.I chcek in other countrys too... But there was nothin... Hmm... Only I have is a hope.