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  • It's not a problem, JammyU. I'm sorry for asking you for it when I never used it.

    Yeah, I got your chapter. I've just been a little busy with school and a few other things. I'll get right on it :)
    Hee hee. The next chapter might just throw you even more.

    In fact, I'm planning on picking you up and hurling you unceremoniously around the room a little later on.

    8D fwee~

    And thank you for the VM which makes me want sometime very soon to get my arse back into gear and actually carry on writing this thing.
    Archopy would like to thank you for nominating her as Best Original Species. ^^

    And never mind her, I would like to pelt you with massive massive piles of thanks for nominating me for such huge, general categories as Best Overall Fic and Best Writer. Damn, you know how to make someone feel warm and fuzzy, don't you?

    And you nominated Maternal Instinct too omgiloveyou.


    *leaves quietly*
    I'm not surprised. ^_^

    What I happened to appreciate in that post, though, was the sense of decency it gave. You were not rude and attacking, which is unfortunately very common over the internet. In any case, I really respect you for that, JammyU.
    Hello, JammyU. ^_^

    I was just reading through some GPD threads, and I came across this post. I happen to think you expressed yourself very well there. Yes, it was remarkable enough to cause me to point it out to you.

    Take care!
    Thanks, JammyU. If possible, could you remove the white background for me.

    Yeah, it's for my temporary signature. I am searching for someone to make a new one. I hated my old 'Choices have Consequenced' banner. After I got banned and and my signature erased, I decided to scrap it :p

    I was thinking about asking my old beta . IC Ghost . for a banner (she makes awesome ones). Do you know anyone who makes good banners?

    Oh, and thanks for the welcome. :D
    Hey JammyU, remember me? Probably not, just in case you don't, you posted a suggestion on my thread about Dragodos a little while ago, which really helped get an idea by the way. I've updated it and will keep continuing to. (Obviously.:D) I've checked your sprite threads & 'Just a journey' (haven't read it all yet) they're pretty good. I know your busy and stuff, (So am I.(Kinda, sorta... not really.)) but could you possibly check out my sprite thread? And if possible comment & rate too? (Or whatever you wanna do) I'm gonna go have another look at your Sprite thread & probably comment on it. Also, If you don't mind me asking, would you like to be friends with me?

    EDIT: Please?
    Hey, I was just checking out the new banner in your sig and I was wondering, did you make it or did someone else make it for you?
    Hi, I saw the new banner in your sig and I was wondering, did you make it or did someone else make it for you?
    Ahaha, well that's the question, isn't it? =D I'm planning on another POV scene of her in a few chapters time, so we'll see then what's driving her towards this cause.

    And no, you weren't annoying me or picking stupid flaws in it at all. To tell you the truth, I hadn't actually considered these points at all before you mentioned them, so it's a good thing that I could come up with a suitable explanation for them, or I'd have been slightly screwed. Really, if there's anything else you see potentially wrong with the Director's plan, by all means tell me so I can find a way around it if it needs to be fixed.
    Posting this in VM in case we end up in a lengthy discussion which I wouldn't want to clog up the LE thread. ^^;

    But the thing about the food still stands, the "other side" will have to regenerate some prehistoric trees and such.
    In a similar vein to how the atmosphere's got to be suitable, there has to be some kind of suitable food available in the present Pokémon world for fossil Pokémon. What do you think Theo's Pokémon eat? The food for his herbivorous species probably comes from some existing plants in the Pokémon world, and while it may not be quite as good for them as their diet in prehistoric times, it must be enough for them to get by. The other side just has to make sure there's some plants that are similar enough to what the Pokémon ate in the past in their selected habitats - if not, then the Director's instruction dictates that they're just going to have to put some more plants there that are.
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