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Aug 7, 2012
Aug 9, 2010
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IndiaMaster was last seen:
Aug 7, 2012
    1. PepperIsErnie
      i think my friend code has some bugs but you have to double check what your typing and you'll get it, had someone with the same problem
    2. sizida
      hi india!

      lol 2 years ago huh? to me years flies past fast because i swim lol.

      hmm! we should battle lol. sadly i still stuck at 4th gen. soon when i get starcraft 2 wings of liberty, i won't be here in the forum that often either.
    3. sizida
      lol you have done something~

      i am just here to chat, seriously i don't play much anymore due to studies and training.
    4. Shamwohoo
      Are you a 4th gen battler?
    5. Tony1995
      Yeah man I agree those crits and last crit on lickilicky sucked but if i had played like I should've I would've still had hitmonchan to kill lickilicky
    6. Tony1995
      Hey man GG that was an awesome match. I should've switched out when I saw your regirock cause I knew you would explode and saved my hitmonchan for lickilicky but oh well
    7. sizida
      hey india! yes it is a long time!

      so how is things with you?
    8. IndiaMaster
      well that sucks hows everyone else, do they still play?
    9. Charminions
      Which? Legacy? I doubt anyone goes in that since the clan doesn't exist anymore as far as I know.
    10. Charminions
      Hey man, back on serebii? I'm not in any clan and I stopped playing competitive about 4 months ago lol.
    11. skyliner34
      Singles standard battle?
    12. Wallace86
      Yeah, pogeymanz can be time consuming and when you have school and goals you have to do you just gotta put it down (guessing a chick you like might frown on pogeymanz or your dad will be dissapoint)

      Anyways GL, and maybe at least once in a blue moon or hell by Thanksgiving break, you can stop by. GL brah.
    13. sizida
      hmmhmm! how do you like draw match haha.

      hope you finished your homework. gosh i don't do my work till late (or play pokemon).
    14. old man
      old man
      I think we have a tourny battle to do, Im gmt5 (USA Ohio) Give me a time please
    15. Squirtleismyhomeboy
      hit me back in the next 5 mins or i can't battle today
    16. Squirtleismyhomeboy
      yo im now you ready?
    17. Squirtleismyhomeboy
      you ready to battle?
    18. Squirtleismyhomeboy
      yo meet me on the legacy chat
    19. IndiaMaster
      Alright do u mind the shaymin is cloned I sold the original but I'll take ur offer to and the arceus I said the mitotic electivire or magmortar events but I will take the new mamaphy japanese event also
    20. FIREZARD
      i goT a HG kyogre
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    Favourite Pokémon:


    I may use Rotom forms

    Scarm/cress/bliss clause is on


    Credit goes to Charminions who was an awesome leader and friend.