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  • Nah, I'm still in the rainy portion. I would like to be out of it though, in reality I'd like to be out of this state lol.
    Why yes, I am procrastinating on my thesis right now: "Microprobe analysis of Picket Pin zone anorthosites: evidence of high-temperature sulfide alteration"
    It sounds like a joke, but it is my life.
    How are you?
    I don't actually know. I'm looking at sulfide formation, but I can ask my prof if he has any idea once he comes back from sabbatical. He's dedicated his life to the Stillwater.

    Isn't geology awesome?
    I've somewhat given up on it to be quite honest. Which is a pity as I did enjoy writing it. As things stand I'm currentley more concerned with my understandings of the english legal system and getting my Law degree, so my writing has taken a bit of a backseat in comparison. I still have the entirety of the fic saved, including the planning stages, so depending on time allowance over christmas, I may consider either continuing the fic itself, or perhaps doing a one shot relative to its nature.
    How come, if you don't mind me asking? Ironically I just broke up with mine, incredibly long and boring story :D Also, I don't know if you have texting but I do believe you have my number, so you can text me if you like for a quicker response, though I am terrible at actually answering and returning calls.
    Sorry for the late reply, once I move (move date is the 22nd), I should be good to do stuff. But... wouldn't your girlfriend be a bit upset at her boyfriend for hanging out with another girl alone while she is on a trip?
    I remember you (again). We had myspace comment conversations that made no sense.

    I still want your e-bebes.
    I'm going to stay in Portland for a while, looking for an apartment so seeing how that goes. It's frustrating, so I dunno what my schedule will look like. Lately it's been work 8 hours, look for apartments, maybe sleep haha.
    Actually we've had a house in Bend since I was a little kid (around 4-5 years old), so we kind of got there before the whole bandwagon thing started ;P
    I only work there when they need extra help. I have a different job I work at now that is closer to home, but I'll probably be moving to Bend in the near future due to college :]
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