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Last Activity:
Jul 2, 2018
Jul 26, 2008
Likes Received:
July 6
Sunlit fields of grass
World Potentate

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Back in the USSR, from Sunlit fields of grass

Indragon was last seen:
Jul 2, 2018
    1. Zhanton
      Happy birthday :]
    2. Vycksta
      As a result of inactivity between April 21 and the time of this message, your claim on Kyogre on Claim A Pokemon 5.0 has been dropped.
    3. Endless
      Long time no see.
      What have you been doing lately?
    4. Zhanton
      ...Where are you?
    5. Seraphen
      SSC te A+ peyechi dada!
    6. Lbsweet96
      Hey man, haven't seen you around lately. What's been up?
    7. paxromana
    8. Seraphen
      Shubho noboborsho!^^
    9. Sweet Pinpuku
      Sweet Pinpuku
      Yes, grotesque art - specifically a woman named Orlan (I think) who modifies her body for art and records all the surgery etc, very gross but my lecturer loves that sorta thing I need to impress him this year.

      I have Black and my partner has White - got them for each other for Valentine's Day (got each other HG and SS last year lol). So, mostly been playing Black in my spare time and I love love love love love love love it ^.^
    10. Seraphen
      Congrats! ^^
    11. ~Platinum~
      Beat it a while ago but there's still all the leveling up and transferring to be done. It really is fun, and the story mode is amazing.

      It doesn't tell you how to make cotton candy. Pity...

      'Tis a team of epicness. Do you have a main team, or switch them out too often for a main team? I'm just sticking with Serperior, Swanna, Chandelure, Seismitoad, Bisharp, and Zoroark.

      Pokerus and shinies seem to be more common this gen... And my Pokerus expired too.
      I really like the Victory Road layout. Sliding down hills is fun.

      D'awww, cute!
    12. bel9
      Heck to the Yes! I've been taking my time because I'm waiting on my friend to help me evolve my karrablast White is so good. I started out fast but I slowed down. What is your friendcode?
    13. Lucas.G
      What happened, mods visiting my profile is not a good signal, have I done something
    14. Senkou
      I caught Landorus, and gave him a... creative name. Let's say he won't be able to be traded on GTS because of it :3
      So far, my team for the Elite Four is:
      Metagross Lv78,
      Hydreigon Lv73,
      Shiny Rayquaza (Mai Emerald Shineh <3) Lv100,
      Shiny Fearow (Emerald gift from friend) Lv43 (Flyer, lmao)
      and Vodkarona Lv77.

      I'm gonna do some drastic change after the team that I want is done o3o
    15. themightydoof
      The latter is irrelavant to me.
      The former is very relavant. I shall be sending the Russian Dancing Men to dance at you until you succumb and reveal your purposes.
    16. shiningsloth13
      Late thank ye. :D

      I knooooow! So much awesome. In such a small package. My team is Samurott, Vanilluxe, Gigalith, Archeops, Reuniclus, and Scrafty. What's yours?
    17. Eternal Darkness
      Eternal Darkness
      Pretty much, yeah. Thanks anyway.
    18. Fire_Blast222
      Sure, Im looking for a 65 point battle. We can use the PO server until dragoon gets his server set up
    19. Devastator2000
      Ohai thar.
      I hope you join Murder V soon. It's just me, Zhanton, Mallymkun, and - wait, Zhanton already said it.
    20. Zhanton
      Yo, sup! Homework's all the rage, yo! Get with the times and shiz!

      Made some good dough, yo? eh? Hehehe :]

      Please join? It's just me, Dev, FTL, Mallymkun, Corinton and Jean Grey who have played the game before. The others are just annoying newbies.
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    July 6
    Sunlit fields of grass
    World Potentate
    Favourite Pokémon:
    This isn't important enough.

    Letting the times roll by.


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    As we wind on down the road~