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Last Activity:
Jul 2, 2018
Jul 26, 2008
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July 6
Sunlit fields of grass
World Potentate

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Back in the USSR, from Sunlit fields of grass

Indragon was last seen:
Jul 2, 2018
    1. Zhanton
      Yo, bro! I just defeated Elesa, yo! Maybe another time, yo! Zhanton has lots of homework that he should be doing hahaha xD

      Why, yes, yes I have. I think it will be quite an appropriate choice of career, if I say so myself.

      Le gasp! Yes, sign ups are open until the 30th - today!
    2. Eternal Darkness
      Eternal Darkness

      You know who is in charge of them Social Groups?
    3. shiningsloth13
      I am at the beating of it and already have. Twas a fantastic game. I am now attempting to fill the Unova-dex.
    4. themightydoof
      What is back in the USSR? You? Or something more sinister?
    5. Zhanton
      Sign up for Murder V, yo!
    6. Devastator2000
    7. Fire_Blast222
      Could you change the the title of the PVS thread to Pokemon Value System? Dragoon and I decided that it would make people at Smogon more open to the idea because the title isn't suggesting that PVS is better than Smogon.
    8. Lucas.G
      What happened with my Research Group?
    9. Sweet Pinpuku
      Sweet Pinpuku
      Good question XD uni work, uni work, uni work, uni work... think that covers it XD developing an emotional animation using only cubes, an iphone app that acts as a tourist guide, an essay on how the physical construct of art makes the hypothetical mind a physical construct, and a presentation of grotesque art - lotsa fun XD how bout you?
    10. Senkou
      omg I'm so glad you didn't forget about good ol' me ;~;

      Nothing much btw. Just uh SRing for a shiny Vodkarona (Volcarona) in White ): That stupid bug won't shine ;~;
      What about you?
    11. ~Platinum~
      Teachers who give too much homework and my own laziness. :/

      Yellow... *shudders*

      Yes, and this books also tells you how to build a laser. Seriously.

      Speaking of getting lucky, my Zoroark got Pokerus a few days ago and it spread to the rest of my party. :D My current team is Serperior, Swanna, Chandelure, Pawniard, Zoroark, and (shiny) Seismitoad.

      Don't worry about being late. I still haven't beat the game because of my teachers who assign too much homework I like to take time and enjoy the story mode while it lasts. I've got seven gym badges and will probably get the eighth one tomorrow. Hope you have fun with your White version!
    12. bel9
      I am giddy with excitement for you. I less than three this game. Hurry up. We should battle. :D
    13. Eternal Darkness
      Eternal Darkness
      I didn't get the reason why though. It said too wide of a sig.


      You see the most recent episode?

      I don't really remeber.
    14. Zhanton
      Yeah, slow is the way to go, yo!

      The art is dream world art from Bulbapedia. I put it together :]

      Bahahaha! xD Apparently my strange phrases are quite influential - a few days ago I said 'perfectly possible' and another person claimed they now loved that phrase hahaha :]
    15. Zhanton
      Yay for you! Have fun :D

      Bahahaha, no way :P I'm really really really slow at going through games. I got it on Wednesday, and I've currently beaten two gyms. It took my over three months to get to the Elite Four in HG >.< It's because I explore and take my time and ladidadida.
    16. bel9
      I got white today. I'm so excited :D. I'm busy tonight so it will have to wait til tomorrow :( How far are you?
    17. Zhanton
      Sooo, how's White going for you?
    18. ~Platinum~
      Wow, I haven't been on in FOREVER.

      The whole species is demonic, thats why TR wants them.

      Should be easier now that the English versions are out. (Yeah, I've been gone a long time.)

      Nifty indeed. And I got another book with that kind of stuff. :D


      So guess what, I got Black version yesterday and I've already caught a shiny Tympole! It's the first shiny I've caught pre-Hall of Fame.

      Did you get your White version?
    19. shiningsloth13
      White, because I want the awe-inspiring Zekrom.
    20. Sweet Pinpuku
      Sweet Pinpuku
      I think there's a number of songs that define the sensation of floating and drifting, all I gotta do is pick one and that adequately describes my relationship to these forums ^.^ I usually either come on to check Visitor Messages or when I'm looking for info ^.^
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    July 6
    Sunlit fields of grass
    World Potentate
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    Letting the times roll by.


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    As we wind on down the road~