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Last Activity:
Jul 2, 2018
Jul 26, 2008
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July 6
Sunlit fields of grass
World Potentate

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Back in the USSR, from Sunlit fields of grass

Indragon was last seen:
Jul 2, 2018
    1. Auraninja
      Hey Indragon, I know Smash Bros. discussions are not acceptable in the Nintendo forum, but would it be okay if I created a simple face-off for the Final Smashes in Brawl if I wanted to?
    2. bel9
      All your base are belong to earmuff type.
    3. Manchee
      You need seven more posts in Murder IV to be at the post requirement for the game up to this point. This is required by the twenty-fourth.

      (you don't have to respond to this, I'm just letting everyone know how many posts they need)
    4. Eternal Darkness
      Eternal Darkness
      I need all of your "supposed" ""godly"" """powers""" to help me. I need evidence to prove to someone that Nintendo has and always will be better than Microsoft. Will you help?
    5. Lbsweet96
      It's been a while, Mr. Indragon. How's life been treating you?
    6. Senkou
      I am disappoint.

      NO VMs? ;___; I feel left out ;-;
    7. ~Platinum~
      I don't mind at all.

      You'd think Plusle and Minun would be behind it all, any chance they're secretly legendaries?

      Yup, and I've decided on five members of my team, still can't decide on the sixth.
    8. shiningsloth13
      Ohyes. For Exmas I got meself a nice shiny Wacom tablet. :D

      *shares in the excitedness*
    9. shiningsloth13
      Ohyes. For Exmas I got meself a nice shiny Wacom tablet. :D

      *shares in the excitedness*
    10. TheFightingPikachu
      I woke up at 7:20, realizing my party was still full of a "no legendaries" team from a battle I was trying to do with someone else. Thankfully, I had written out some PVS data so I could put a team together! But anyway, I guess that's what I get for not preparing. I shouldn't have even had those two in the same box with the trained battling Pokémon.

      I was thinking I would have won without that lack of preparation (all other things being equal of course). But no matter--you are good! You've beaten me three times, man!

      Keep up the good work! I'm sure we will battle again sometime. I need to go test this team out against other PVS battlers.
    11. Sweet Pinpuku
      Sweet Pinpuku
      Hey ^.^ late Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you too *hugs*
      How've you been?
    12. Senkou
      ....Oooh. XD

      Lol XD

      Happy new year, son.
      SORRY FOR THE LATE REPLY ;-; I had to help an old lady cross the road, then help a kid get his cat down from a tree; but it was a black cat so I took the long way to avoid bad luck; then I got lost on the road of life.
    13. Eternal Darkness
      Eternal Darkness
      Really? I thought they had that gym that got free money. I owe em big for starting the International League of Super Villians. TM, 2011

      You don't really care do you?
    14. Zhanton

      Hahaha :P
    15. Profesco
      Ah, yes. The company's breeding division has since shut down their Emerald headquarters, but their cloning division could probably be put back into action. Were you fishing for a purple rose?
    16. TheFightingPikachu
      Honestly, it wasn't really all that early. I've been trying to wake up earlier (since I've had trouble with that because of staying up late even before New Years Eve), so it might be possible. I'll try to be on Wi-Fi tomorrow at 7:30, and again on Friday (though I'm sure I won't be on the forums).

      If not then, perhaps some time Saturday might work? I'm relatively free all day.
    17. Eternal Darkness
      Eternal Darkness
      Not for me...

      My family is big on HP computers. Better than Dell.
    18. ~Platinum~
      You stole the cheat sheet? :( And yeah, that one almost always works.

      But remember in the movie, when it was that close-up of Arceus's eye? It looked like a computer! And computers speak in 1's and 0's!

      As are gingerbread people going boom in a flash of red and green fireworks.

      Yup. My local Gamestop already has a poster in their window to pre-order the games.
    19. Umbreon-dana
      He should diet again.


      Then they turned around and robbed people of their delusions.

    20. Charmander#4
      Nah man, I prefer throwing sand into their eyes. Works as well.
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    July 6
    Sunlit fields of grass
    World Potentate
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    Letting the times roll by.


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    As we wind on down the road~