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  • ^_^
    Well, I'm glad you're enjoying it here. Erin is the one who convinced me to join in the first place and I've enjoyed my time here a lot. I could live without serebii's lags though :/
    No problem. I knew you'd enjoy it here. Yeah, Pearlshippers are definietly some of the nicest people around, which makes me love this shipping more then I already do. I'm happy you're enjoying it here. I knew you would :D
    Nope, you haven't yet. I knew you'd enjoy it here. Our fellow Pearlshippers are very nice. I knew you'd enjoy your stay here.
    No prob, I'm happy you're enjoying your stay here.
    Hello and welcome to the Pearlshipping thread~ Sorry my welcome is a bit late, but I'll update the list and add you in when I get to a computer soon. Hope you have fun on the forums! It's always great to meet another Pearlshipper ^^
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