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  • I have time but I'm not really sure about the shards. Do you mind if we trade tomorrow? I'll somehow try and get those 10 yellow shards by then.
    Probably because it got slow. It speeds up alot nearing the end of the first, and I highly recommend watching it. It's epic, lol
    That's fine, I'm more in a Pokedex kinda mood, so I don't need a whole lot, lol. Just lemme know when you can trade. I don't think tonight will work, so I'll try tomorrow
    I won't have a lot of requests to do until PokeBank comes out. Until then, my trades are in a lull because the majority of them are for Jirachi and shiny Mew, which I can't transfer until Bank is released. Are you wanting the Regis in Gen IV? Because I literally have absolutely nothing in Gen IV. All of my Gen IV stuff was transferred to Gen V when B/W/B2W2 came out. If you want to trade in Gen V, I have Regirock, Registeel, and Regigigas, but I need a Regice. Also, in Gen V, I have lots of connection problems when it comes to trading with others. The GTS, Internet, and Random Wifi work great, but the game really has issues connecting with other people. That's why I deal exclusively in Gen VI; otherwise, I'd open a cloning service for Gen V if I could get it to work right. I have my router very specifically set up and everything and it still doesn't work. I always get Error 86420. But we've traded before on Gen V, haven't we? If we've traded it'll probably work.
    Hey, sorry; I'll delete some of my PMs! I wasn't aware that my inbox was so full. Thank you so much for the trade and let me know when you're free. I'll be available tomorrow after 10 PMish CST (GMT -6), Saturday before 4 PM CST, all day Sunday, and Monday before 6 PM CST. I'm really busy this weekend, apparently. Lots of social activities to attend to. My FC is 2580 3802 6475. I'll try to give your Cacnea at least one decent egg move since you're giving away a shiny for it! Is there any one you'd want in particular?
    Luis Casas (i have the same profile picture as in this account)
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