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  • Thnx! I haven't played a couple of months, so I completely forgot the Move Relearner ^^"
    Thanks again!
    Well atleast he has wings :d

    But yeah I felt sorry for it too. And now it doesn't look so good, mean the legs were understandable, but now just thigh lumps? o_O
    Well ID said it's because of the worry of getting huge sprites- but that can simply be adverted by setting a flat limit of 100x100, seeing as pixelart is evidently 200x200.

    And no not really- I'd have to lose the tail and lose that I did put more dragonair than just a single gem or a belly recolor, and probably the wings too :/

    Imo my sprite is perfect as it is and I'm not gonna mutilate it to keep it in the contest :/

    I mean did you see what one person did?

    Chopped off the sprites legs >.<
    Yeah my sprites rarely if ever place, a few have been good enough .. just to many people get wowed by shiny. Or some just vote for the idea- I vote for both.

    Tbh while I don't like the second, the first would have gotten one of my votes.

    Glad you were able to fix the sprite- even if the tail looks broken


    Atleast it was more fixable than poor rainbow.
    Lmao, gotta love good ol' Barry

    Tell him thanks for the birthday wishes, same goes to you, matey! I don't intend to buy more than one beer for papa, I'm tight with my cash >;D
    Your dragon for the contest is to big like mine was. 91x81... so you're gonna have to shrink it or you'll be disqualified like me :/
    Lol okai.
    Nope I am firmly fixed to the sofa.
    I had a headache. I took some pills for it but it didn't want to go.
    I'll tell her. ;D
    I already know that I wont be using the ps3 much there are only a few games I'd like to play.
    That's why I'll buy the cheapest one for. $299 :x
    All I want is to play games on it anyway...nothing more.
    I knooooow! A few good games I really like happen to only come out for the ps3.;~;
    Especially Little Big Planet, I watched and saw a lot videos even a review on gametrailers! The game is amazing and if you happen to get a ps3 someday definitely buy LBP.
    I might get one soon if my sister decides to buy me one.^^;
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