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  • Zomg If I had only taunted you when you wee about to rest *Facepalm* Cario woulda taken care of Rachi and Starm woulda killed Gyara ;-;
    yes al in one big PM it is easier for me to keep score of wins each person has, also include a tally of all your wins against all clan members. Then add each week and total it up.
    Originally Posted by asterat
    On togekiss fire Bakst over fla thrower, when it hits 60% of burn!
    Barring psyshock and ,champ your team incompletely specail attackers
    No, its a 10% chance of burn. I'm not even sure what you're saying half the time.

    Try Roost > Flamethrower. The few things that resist fighting / flying (Zapdos, Thundurus) can take a +2 Flamethrower and kill you first anyway. With Roost you at least try to last more than one sweep.

    Pwned lol
    Dude stop spamming the CRMT threads, honestly. It is annoying to see "agree with that same guy" over and over. Plus, it's a rule to not give bad advice. Saying "agree with ______", is bad advice in my eyes, since it shows you have nothing else to contribute and actually HELP the thread maker. Just please, stop it.
    Marry me? Oh and I love how the guy this comment was aimed towards said ASTERAT had the best post he had seen in a thread thts how you know they are BAD!
    Dude I agree with Farfan and redlongmagnet down there, you're just reinforcing what is already said half the time in CRMT threads. Just now I was reading one and someone posted something along the lines of "Use Rapid Spin on Starmie", and you post like the worst thing available, that being "Yeah Rapid Spin ur Starmie". Can you just stop it, it honestly is annoying to see you, along with atleast 10 other people posting in almost every CRMT thread, not helping the person at all.
    I like you.
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