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  • Mind helping me with my region? You seem quite good at fakemon(Scratch-sprites). Mind helping me. I've only started so I need some help. Wanna help? By the way, my region's on the sprites page. Sre you scottish? Cause I am!
    God, I KNOW! They're even less common on Negotiations - Heck, one time I was all happy because I found someone from here on it, only to look at the name and realise that it was my boyfriend, who was sitting right next to me.
    On the school thing, it also doesn't help that the rest of the UK has different systems too... @____@
    Haha, it's great to see another Scottish student on here. :p Seriously, you've no idea how many times I have to try and figure out what our grades are in America, to avoid confusion. XD
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