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! Inferno Lord Z
Last Activity:
May 28, 2011
Apr 22, 2011
Likes Received:

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! Inferno Lord Z

Rawr. Me scary Resh., from Bidoofstania

! Inferno Lord Z was last seen:
May 28, 2011
    1. NightKrazy
      Take a Chance on PokeCentral!

      Hi there! I’m here to tell you about PokeCentral Forums. We’re a brand new, kind of small forum and we’re all about Pokemon all the time! We’re just starting so there are Staff Positions available and all manner of things that still need someone to create them. If you’ve ever wanted to make a big impact on a forum, PokeCentral is the place to do it! We have an informational homepage and are looking for good writers to come up with lots of articles for us to feature, and plenty of boards and categories for posting anything from Art and Writing to ROM Hacks and Fan games to Pokemon Discussions in general! You can check out our forum here: http://poke-central.boards.net/forum

      Thanks for your time!
      ~PCF Founder, Obliveon
    2. MitsukiBW
      (Friend of Advent) Hi.
    3. taifengaaa
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    4. Roxiln
      I was wondering, after you get the 510 pts EV you to win or continues to gain the same?
    5. servine
      hey, im new so im not sure of much stuff but how do you join a battle or something. do you just go to the union room?
    6. gamcuke
      i was wondering if you or anyone had a victini i am willing to trade fro a shiny level one hundred heatran no matter what level
    7. Le_Juston
      I like ur profile picture.
    8. beegfeeshy
      oh i love wind waker it's so fun
    9. Arsène
      Doing another playthrough of LoZ: The Wind waker.

      Also planning on RNG breeding a couple female dream world Eevees.
    10. Arsène
      Anyway, what might you be up to? Never truly messaged you before.
    11. Arsène
      They all look similar, perhaps you can use this to identify future ones from now on.
    12. Arsène
      I would advise you to delete that post you just made. You're replying to spam.
    13. ! Inferno Lord Z
      ! Inferno Lord Z
      No blogs here? I guess I'll VM myself, then.

      BMGf test forums still not up...guess I'll be staying here at Serebii (well, more than usual) for longer yet. Probably until about Sunday or so, methinks.
    14. dragonite8
    15. dragonite8
      hello, do you have a clan?
    16. munnafn22
      hi! like your profile pic, its cute
    17. Skarm-Flier
      I will gladly help you around this site.
    18. red fish
      red fish
      I wanna see you tonight!
    19. beegfeeshy
      yes i agree with red fish hes my friend
    20. red fish
      red fish
      love your avatar!
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    Favourite Pokémon:
    Me= ! Thunder Lord Z on BMGf. But anyway...let's see...naah. That's it.

    Wouldn't you like to know?


    I claimed...Unfezant...and that's it. Yeah. A world where the self-proclaimed Claiming Lord (which happens to also be Viewer Gender Confusion as well) only claims one thing? Sad, isn't it?

    So I see Serebii allows large-ish signatures? Good. I will take full advantage of this and use this as an outlet for featured skits I made up on the fly in the future. The "other" forum (guess who) is a bit straitlaced on that kind of stuff, and said they were becoming a bit too large. Not that I'm mad at them or anything. Actually, in their beginning they were only used to take up space. Ironic, isn't it?
    ;249-d; :644:;445; ;330; :500: :503: ;026; ;000; :521: ;260; :643: ;389; ;248; ;251;