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  • Hey InnerFlame, sorry to bother. I know you don't do Fizzy Bubbles anymore, but I'd like to know if you could agree to a trade for your Treecko over there... if it's not too much trouble, it's something I've been after for almost five years...
    Even if it's a no, could you please get back to me? Cheers :)
    Lol! xD

    A lot of new RPGs came up earlier in the summer, and now there's not. Hopefully, there's still enough summertime left for something you can join to come up.

    Although... you could bring back that Persona RPG. It kind of died after you went missing.
    You're alive! 8D

    I'm still here. I tried to leave, but I can never stay away. xD

    I'm doing alright, you?
    Oh man InnerFlame...Here's me replying to a message from three years ago. I hope you're doing well. As for what motorcycle Kent had...I don't know, I imagined it to be a Harley or something. I enjoyed being in the RPG with you! I still remember parts of the RPG hahah. The character I wrote that time was one of my favorites! School honestly took a really bad toll on me though at the end. I appreciate you asking. If you ever look back, may you be doing well too InnerFlame!
    Sorry for the delay in my sign-up, but it's posted now if you want to check it out :)
    I guess things will be alright…unless the *difficult* ones show up as the RP progresses. XD You get what I mean? XD Mon has had his share of dealing with those already, hehe. XD
    Hey, if 17 people become a handful, you can always opt to have an assistant/co-GM. XD I nominate Mon, hehe. XD
    Coolio! Should be fun getting back into Serebii; I think this might be my first time posting in nearly a year. (probably forgetting something really obvious, or misjudging time. Internet time flows differently) I really did miss it though. Might decide to put up with a little sleep deprivation and get it done. It's not like I sleep on weekday nights anyway. :p

    Aw, pain's no good. I'd recommend rest, but I suppose you might be doing a lot of kicking in karate. Not that I'm much of an expert; after getting a yellow belt in Tae Kwon Do, I haven't so much as bent a wooden board since.
    Hey IF, sorry for the delay on the sign-up. It's a bit of a hectic time for me at the moment. I've got dress rehearsals, college apps, end-of-quarter tests and the like. I'll probably have something up for you on Saturday though; I've got Halloween free from top to bottom. Aside from sitting by the door throwing sugar at spooky children, but that's what my laptop's for.

    So, how have you been? Any interesting goings-on?
    True, I'm actually emulating it right now. It's pretty okay other than some really bad lag during the bits in the school.

    Junpei is pretty rad! I don't much care for Yukari but otherwise I really like the P3 cast. In Persona 4 I gotta admit I really like Yosuke, I saw him come out of a trashcan and I was like ah yes I'll probably love you because you're trash.

    Why would you make him eat grass, that's terrible, but hilarious at the same time.
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