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Last Activity:
Aug 7, 2020 at 4:41 PM
May 7, 2005
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Nov 28, 1989 (Age: 30)
Home Page:
I'm the flame in your heart.

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Fire and Ice Combo, Female, 30, from I'm the flame in your heart.

In and out of Serebii mostly Apr 18, 2018

InnerFlame was last seen:
Aug 7, 2020 at 4:41 PM
    1. Black War Dragon
    2. ChintzySnail
      I heard a rumor that Serebii himself invented Tangrowth, somewhere on these forums, maybe a quote in a signature, I don't remember.

      But yea; I sure have my not-so-favorites; and I do have my favorites. Suprisingly I always gravitate toward Normal-types. I used to love fire-types; but.... three generations in a row, with fire-fighting hybrid starters, and not so many new non-legendary fire-types... made me sad so they dropped due to inactivity or something like that.

      I have two RPGs myself that are near completion come November(since I'll include Pokemon Male(XY) into it)

      First is Colliding Worlds, Pokemon meet real world, Pokemon take the role of "aliens"
      Second is the one I am bouncing ideas off of Mon, and Poketch Academy. Debating age but Ithink 12-16 would be reasonable (12 if we ALL want to follow the age = class thing) I kinda want to have a deal here, where you can be a transfer (choose your own Pokemon) or be a Freshman (be assigned your own pokemon) and stuff I dunno.
    3. ChintzySnail
      opposite of inner? Outer! Opposite of Flame, well the closest I can think of is what it'd be made of, water! I just did your opposite name :B

      And ok, seems like the general populace I've interviewed likes choosing their own, which is a shame! cause it's fun to pick one of and be all mysterious like you said~
    4. Black War Dragon
      Black War Dragon
      Yeah, I've got quite a bit of things going on that I could not have anticipated. Talk to Mon about it! It would be really cool to see what direction you give the RP.

      Thanks, IF.
    5. ChintzySnail
      OuterWater, I have a question for you, just a random survey. If you were to pick a starter in an RPG what would you do? 1.) Pick your own starter, 2.) Let the GM pick your starter?
    6. ChintzySnail
      See Fresca gets too much attention, attention she doesn't want, so she'd shove it all on Florenz probably and run away :D
      Fresca would also want more attention from her parents. They emotionally abuse her/neglect her and really the only interaction she has with them is them scolding her. And now going through the rebellious phase... She just wants anarchy
    7. ChintzySnail
      Let's agree that the mother is just an evil evil evil person. The result of the family kabooming~ But yea, interesting stuff, Fresca could have a friend now, maybe. I kind of find it funny Fresca cut her hair short while Florenz has it long and flowing
    8. ChintzySnail
      I just honestly hope Autumn Knights can be brought back to vital health; it's currently on death's row :( and not at all fault of Monny. Having some positive-role model for Fresca would be nice; I originally had a servant for it, but if it's by blood -- even better. The tragedy ofhaving Flora be shipped away to a boarding school/college which shatter Fresca; makesme wonder why'd she still be at home and not boarding school either... unless that's part of her punishment. Hmm. I guess she being the only-by-blood heiress to her father would make sense; she only having half-siblings...

      Lots of stuff we can do.
    9. ChintzySnail
      Fresca as a kid and currently, avoids home as much as possible too~
      Fresca was born from an affair from a business conference or something similar. Oddly she is almost identical to mom. Mom also became distant/alcoholic/un-attached to Fresca, so who knows about parental drama. Fresca'd be 3-4 when your parents divorced then. Just a toddler, who's naivety would know no bounds. I was thinking of adding to her half-sibling(s) who lives with her who bullies her as well (like saying Fresca is the reason family fell or something IDK); my current history is just so bland and basic. What you want to do is up to you. Fresca probably has vague memories of you/other family if she did meet you, that could be a driving force to coming south from Quebec...
    10. ChintzySnail
      Right, I am indifferent to the average Pikachu, but Ash's ...bleh.
      Florenz would maybe here of the affair of his mother? I mean Fresca and Florenz are 4 years apart. Fresca the younger. She'd probably be the product of an affair... I dunno lol.
      yea the original are probably much rarer now than when they were as kids. I never got charizard :< Always wanted it for its 100 attack! My prizes card is probably a Japanese holographic Gengar I have... and maybe my holographic flareon? Gotta think on it.
    11. ChintzySnail
      Oh Tracey, I remember him. Yea... I think I liked him more than Brock. The female companions I never really associated with. Cooties? Max and May annoyed me... beyond that I haven't seen a single episode of any future seasons...
      Have never touched the manga either. I played the video games and the board games. I also collected cards, though mostly when there was only 151 of them. I stopped right after Team Rocket/Gym Badges came out. I had every Rocket card. Was so happy?

      Fresca's history is something only dung beetles would enjoy. I really really really need to revamp it. All I really am sticking with is that she was abused emotionally as a child cause, well parents that only dung beetles would enjoy the company of...

      Also; Pikachu. Never cared for her? Him? I considered Pikachu just comic relief and plot for Team Rocket to get screen time >.>
    12. ChintzySnail
      Also, just a curious thought, but I was wondering... could Fresca and Florenz potentially be long-lost-half-siblings? Their backstories and physical appearances sorta are similar... but pretty much everyone's back-story is tragic and similar in this RPG... which is kind of funny if you think about it. It's a small world, and it's a large world with many many similarities between people. So the option's really up to you; I thought it'd be cool. We don't have to do it though.
    13. ChintzySnail
      No worries^^ What's user profiles for if not to stalk?
      I never was an active watcher of Pokemon. I did go see the first movie and got my Ancient Mew Card in theaters; so I must of been a big enough fan. I can say probably till orange-league is when I stopped caring for the show. Then Ash got tiresome for me, how he recycled all his hard work from the season prior, but still had Pikachu, always had pikachu. *shivers*

      I too made a fanfic once where Ash RETIRED, and his kids took over... he needs to take the backseat and simply become a Brock role or some other mentor-type imo.
    14. Wordy
      The bastardboss is making me check up on everyone to make sure they're still good for BOSS. He's finally updated, lol. Well, for everyone except the Tower/City Hall people but you're not one of them so not to worry. There's finally some traction, maybe.

      Ugh, I feel like his catspaw.

      (yes, I realise I'm copying and pasting this message for everyone but gimme a break, it's Monday tomorrow and I'm sad and I hate doing his dirty work)
    15. Monster Guy
      Monster Guy
    16. Monster Guy
    17. Monster Guy
      Monster Guy

      I can wait, but I found this funny. :P
    18. Scriptor Scorpio
      Scriptor Scorpio
      InnerFlame, the Code Lyoko RP isn't quite on hold, if it would appear to be. If you post and do so regularly as Aim but most importantly our 'third' Garage Kid, we can continue the story. Without your characters, we can't go on unless one of the other RPers or me creates characters to take over the role of Aelita lite and a third Garage Kid, which we'll only do if you can't, won't or don't want to fill those roles. If you don't have time or you have other things to attend to, that's completely okay but please let me know if you can post (and please do swiftly if you can) or you want to leave the RP. Greets, Scriptor Scorpio.
    19. Monster Guy
      Monster Guy
      Ok so, we decided to add a few more spots to Autumn Nights. If you're still interested. Feel free to post an SU.
    20. Monster Guy
      Monster Guy
      I stalk when I'm bored. Which is surprisingly often.

      She'll probably visit on weekends and holidays. It's always sad when family members/friends move far away.

      It doesn't look that different, just some extra details added in. It's not a normal evolution. It doesn't stay like this forever. Just during battles when it's holding a special item. So it's not a true evolution. A lot of people don't seem to like that pile of naughty tentacles vines. I've never actually used one, so I don't have much of an opinion on it.

      I'll put you on the waiting list. Luckily, you're the only on it.
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    Nov 28, 1989 (Age: 30)
    Home Page:
    I'm the flame in your heart.
    Favourite Pokémon:
    I love pokemon and a lot of things. I will try anything once.

    RPG, if there one thing I like it to RP. I also write but I can't never finish it. Maybe, one day.


    Let's eat Grandma!
    Let's eat, Grandma!
    Commas saves lives.

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