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Mar 31, 2020 at 5:36 PM
May 7, 2005
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Nov 28, 1989 (Age: 30)
Home Page:
I'm the flame in your heart.

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Fire and Ice Combo, Female, 30, from I'm the flame in your heart.

In and out of Serebii mostly Apr 18, 2018

InnerFlame was last seen:
Viewing thread Losmia Horizon (The Role-play Thread), Mar 31, 2020 at 5:36 PM
    1. Monster Guy
      Monster Guy
      Weird, I imagined Rome being darker than that.
    2. *Jean Grey*
      *Jean Grey*
      Heh, I hate those Pokemon that blow up on you. XD Most common way to lose a Shiny, I tell you. XD

      Roserade's a really cool Pokemon. XD If only the rose on top were red, then it would fit more, perhaps. XD How about the rest...Damion was originally Ninetales because I couldn't find anything else that was furry...until I saw Eevee. XD The others were pretty easy to match up...I just hope that AT and Ysavvryl will make Gaias of their characters so that I could have fun with them too. XD

      Careful? Cool! I'll change the one on the thread first. XD
    3. *Jean Grey*
      *Jean Grey*
      Heh, I guess the gender of the Pokemon wouldn't matter in some cases. XD Wow...Male Shiny Glaceon? What Nature? XD

      I tried matching up Pokemon to the characters' casual looks...and yes, Raven does look like a Shiny Roserade...look at my first set of match-ups on the thread. Evie became Arcanine because...yeah...tell me if you think a particular Pokemon matches each look better and I'll adjust. XD

      Well, Dante is actually Lonely so that counts. XD Evie is either Adamant or Naughty. XD Would Raven be Serious? XD
    4. *Jean Grey*
      *Jean Grey*
      Hey. XD Are you going to do the characters as Pokemon with Natures again? XD I wanna see that! I've always been a fan of that being "your part", if mine revolves around Gaia sets and Mon's is MLP. XD

      How will you choose which character gets to be which Pokemon? Looks/recurring images and motifs (like Miraela with roses, Asher with autumn leaves)? Or something else? XD Like...would Raven be Honchkrow because it's close to a Raven, or would be be a...Zoroark or Roserade because they're the Pokemon he kinda looks like (Roserade in his casual clothes that is. XD). Not that Evie looks like a Pokemon, though...unless you think she does. XD

      What will the Natures be if ever you do it? XD Hopefully Evie doesn't get something -ATK...>.<
    5. Liltwick
      I did like the pokemon following behind

      I love Gijinkas!
    6. Liltwick
      I dispise Johto and love Soul Silver. I'm a hypocrite, and yea Jasmine is a really nice character
    7. Liltwick
      Ahh, same with me on this end.
    8. Liltwick
      So If, how have you been?
    9. GoldenHouou
      Alright, one PM coming your way in a moment!

      EDIT: There~
    10. GoldenHouou
      Hey, hey IF! Remember that BK rp we talked about ages ago? Got some stuff planned for it on my way home from school today. Wanna see what I've got? I've pretty much got everything but the plot though fsst.

      Won't get it up until summer at the earliest but yeah.
    11. DVB
      Hey, how are you :3
    12. DVB
      I guess Marly wold be surprised and she would provide te next target/ Party''s at 8 PM Saturday to Sunday noon
    13. DVB
      Well, they're planning to make Becky confess her forging the evidence that damaged Karai's reputation
    14. bronislav84
      And we need you because you pretty much wrote yourself deep into Kara's story. Vanishing leaves a hole. I've already had to write out Hank when Neo quit, but Marly would be really hard to write out. Like, really really hard.
    15. DVB
      Well, pretty much you're just there to get tormented. Nothing personal XD
    16. DVB
      Hey Inner, Bron's wondering if you would come back to Journal. Because of your char's importance in Karai's history
    17. *Jean Grey*
      *Jean Grey*
      Heh, he probably has one of the best themes. XD I always try to think before I design...if Raven's about to thief something, the bag's got to hide somewhere. XD The outfit makes him mysterious. XD You can have him steal clothes from some unfortunate's room if he knows the unlocking techniques. XD Makes things fun! XD

      Post it on the DT so everyone gets the idea that Raven is a raven. XD

      Heh, I love Zexion so I immediately notice. XD Evie actually has a number of similarities to Saix, in contrast. XD
    18. *Jean Grey*
      *Jean Grey*
      Yes, there's Silver and Bronze. XD It's a cute theme, this Gemini-Raven thing. XD Evie has her winter theme all around. XD Strange that she doesn't wear white...she hates it. XD

      The pendant actually layered wrong, so I had to take it out. His pouch should be hiding under his belt-cloth so it wouldn't be so conspicuous. Why do you think I chose those pants anyway? XD Here you go...his final look with and without the mask. XD


      I must admit, I thought of Zexion when I saw Raven's bangs and thus, gave him that dark bluish-gray that reminds me of Zexion. XD
    19. Black War Dragon
      Black War Dragon
      That's cool!

      I'm sure we will see some very interesting interaction between Raven and Dante considering Raven is stalking him for the supposed 1 million Gold. I'm sure Raven will have a blast on ship considering the wealth of the people on board.
    20. *Jean Grey*
      *Jean Grey*
      I guess it really comes with such a price. XD Yes, 1 Gold is equal to $100. Heh, I guess Raven does fit a Gemini birthday...Evie is a Sagittarius for the primary reason that she needs a December birthday thematically. XD So, December 3. XD I guess that her personality also fits Sagittarius the best among the other signs. XD No way in hell would she be a Virgo, Cancer or Pisces. XD I have them here...you can pick your favorite or even ask me to mix some stuff up. XD Once you pick the final version (along with any tweaks), I'll put the mask on. XD


      They do, don't worry. XD
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    Nov 28, 1989 (Age: 30)
    Home Page:
    I'm the flame in your heart.
    Favourite Pokémon:
    I love pokemon and a lot of things. I will try anything once.

    RPG, if there one thing I like it to RP. I also write but I can't never finish it. Maybe, one day.


    Let's eat Grandma!
    Let's eat, Grandma!
    Commas saves lives.

    Say hello to Rascal, he is a naughty little Articuno but he wants to be a true adventurer one day. Feed him lots of spicy berries and help him grow big and stronger.

    During tests people look:
    Up for inspiration
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    Left and right for information​