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  • Oh good, you're finally caught up with the Pokemon games.

    I wish X and Y had more clothes for guys. The girl character got all the nice clothes. :/ I named my character in the game Andre, and he would be disappointed. I have an all Fairy team, and it does surprisingly well against random people online. xD
    Yeah, I'm sure she's happy wherever she is. And I'm sure you'll dad'll be okay too, just takes time and all.

    Aw, damn, been wanting to use him as an Emperor for a while, just never had the rp to do so. That's fine though, I'll go with Hanged Man and/or Devil, then 8D
    Ah, good to hear. Saw your VM to Kamotz and man... Got me worried if you're doing okay. I'm doing peachy, just about healthy again, and gf's going to come and see me in a week, so I'm excited like a kid on Christmas.

    I'd join it. Possibly as Emperor!Sergjez (whose name shall be changed to something that actually exists for the rp... Sergei? He wields a hand drum. Hey, if Kanji got away with a table -), or as a Hanged Man or the Devil, got characters for both done for earlier rps. Or two of those, if allowed multiple Not going to use Sofiya anywhere else than BOSS though, that's where she belongs. Which reminds me that I should try and write that post for her. But ye.
    I'm seriously considering doing a Persona RPG right now. I got the opening, plot, and sign-up done and I got most of the rules for the dark hour-ish world completed. All I really got to do is write the details about the Major Arcana stuff. Maybe I'll get it done before I lose my nerve and back out of it again.
    What's this one about? :3
    So. You never updated/edited your sign up. I, unfortunately, had to remove your reservation.
    Yeah, I'd like Noel to be a little older too. I wanted Tim to be the youngest person in the group. xD;
    You alive there? Kamotz said that you should make Noel a little older before you get accepted? >.< He's waiting for you and GH. XD
    Ooh, I see! Hmm, maybe choose the chick, so we'll have an even 3/3 (since I'm going with a dude)? Although, eh you should go with whatever you want! Yikes, migraines. I always get those too, and they suck something awful.
    I think I should dig up my copy too, I remember it being fun from what little I played.

    You mean you're making both characters to choose from later, or that you're using both in the rp? Either way, cool, cool. I can see the guy being overly protective of the girl, since she's so trusting and he's probably suspicious of some people she meets and is so open to, heh. I'm still juggling between ideas myself, only know the gender so far (dude). Oh, and that he will of course have a bird as an animal.
    Flaaame, seems like we'll be together in an RP again 8D And we've both got Jupiter.

    You any idea for a character yet?
    I like doing that all the time... or maybe I just find it funny to make guys girly (especially against their will <3)
    I like girly men too. <3 After all, I practically am one. xD

    Also, I'm pretty much waiting for War to finish his post. Because I need to put my part in there...
    Wow, it's been forever, hasn't it?

    I'm doing all right, though I've been pretty discouraged in my games lately. It's been ok with me, how have you been?
    Sounds great:D PM me or put a visitor message about your ideas^^ I'm a big fan of Aim too as something Code Lyoko like, yet unique in his own way:D
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