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  • Sorry got an unexpected strain of the busy virus this week.
    I'm going to revamp the RPG.
    It was too complex and too confusing, a bit rushed. Going to simplify it.

    What business and a groggy mind does. Also peer pressure; I posted it when it wasn't ready.

    Basically what the story is, is Pokemon, but not in modern times, Pokemon as it were in feudal times, before the internet, before main-stream electricity.
    The setting is Ransei only (as it is, in lore, the feudal era Pokemon region.

    I am going to make a point at whether you want to start out as a green-horn(newbie) or some one who's a veteran, it wasn't clear I assume. Also have to revamp the story to fit on one page and not be as confusing as it was. Though to be somewhat still confusing.
    Got to adapt it to the modern crowd. It's in the mindset of the RP community 4-5 years ago. Just me being an old man not wanting to change with the times :b

    Sign ups will be the same, but if I have time this weekend like i have time today, I'll fix it up to make it better~
    Maybe also revamp Gods of an Unown world.
    yea, going to add more terminology, a whole sheet of them didn't make it in last night. Just got home from work though.

    How you obtain Pokemon in this game is basically befriending. If you're familiar at all with Shin Megami Tensei; Pokemon ''capture'' will be similar to how you'd obtain demons there.
    Basically you befriend them, with bribes, money, wit, force, dominance... anything really, you just can't throw a ball at it and call it yours.

    In the actual game, you had to line up flashes of light within a golden circle, the more you did it correctly the greater your sync and chance to obtain the Pokemon.
    Awesome, I've had a busy week. No Pokemon I need sadly (W/B era I've mastered :V)
    I shall let you know~ I know you're freeish thursdays right?
    If you wanna join the new SU of Code Lyoko: Opposing Forces, find it in the appropriate subforum. Old SUs are allowed and I'll make sure we either keep the plot moving or go on with the people that keep posting;)
    I don't usually have a theme either, but per Nuzlocke tradition, I had to that time, heh. Ha, Lizardman is Krookodile (I think that's the last form's name but gdi not sure) and Kuma's Beartic or something. *is not perfect with these new ones yet, either*

    Heh, that's good though, and it's fun. Yay for breaking gender stereotypes! And aw, poor 'Disc. You gotta draw Florenz holding one in his arms. And sure, a list'd be grand!

    I'm that way with Korean. I can recognize a few words here and there and say some very basic things, but that's it. Need to practice more. Oh, and yeah, it's "nihongo wa (yoku) dekimasen". Literally "I don't do Japanese (very) well." You could also use hanashimasen (don't speak) instead of dekimasen, I guess, but the former is what I've heard used more often, despite the literal translation. I don't think I've heard the latter, really. *shrug* But yeah, it's a useful phrase to have! IneedtolearnitinKoreanahem. And ha, I know man, don't worry. You won't be disappointed, the nature's very pretty here. And there are huuge butterflies and stuff.
    *facepalm* Goodness gracious, I can't get anything right. I'll remember that in the future. (It's okay, I have the same problem... I don't think I have a "girly" character."

    Sometimes, that's the best plan I can come up with.
    Ha, I had that exact same problem when I was doing a Nuzlocke in White. The rules dictated I had to nickname things, but when I did couldn't tell what their species name was anymore. Didn't help that I chose "food" as my theme, and so had Pokés called Dill, Turtlesoup, Liquorice and Broiler. And the Piplup evo... uh, Prinplup, I think. I still derp with some older names sometimes too >>

    I wonder which legendary would suit Aurelia. I know Arceus would with the whole judgement thing, but it's Arceus, so a little unfair. I'll need to reread each legends' descriptions. X, huh? I want Y for Yveltal, but X for Mega Charizard (and Mega Mewtwo) X. Gah. I wonder if itäs possible to just trade the better 'Zard over. Luvdisc? That's awesome, nobody ever remembers Luvdisc! 8D

    I'm actually going to Japan later this year/early next year. Lots of Japanese people who don't speak English here, so I've had a lot of practice with the language (which is awesome because so far, I've only listened and understood, not spoken). I think the most challenging thing for me was trying to explain how the Finnish education system worked in Japanese, because I lacked all the fancy words, ha. I guess I could fare pretty well in Mexico too, if European Spanish is okay there. Yay languages. And ha, sorry, but if I do share pictures, I will be absent from 'em. I mostly have pictures of my stuff and the scenery, anyway.
    Jett Black 8D Thatisawesome. N is totally hitting on the MC, girl or guy. I think he's confused. Little bug? You mean Sewaddle? It's awesome, so you should. I don't like any of the monkeys, but then, I haven't used them so...

    I think someone took Ho-Oh. I'm sad. Mon, I thought you reserved it for me ages ago? 8T Iknowyouseethistoodon'tyoutrytohide. And hmm, maybe, gotta see what clothes are taken. Are we allowed sixth gen ones? I guess so, since Leo has that lion thing.

    Yeah, traveling is awesome, but really tiring. Plan to visit a lot of Asian countries now that I'm here~ And ack, seasickness. I got that once, right after I had paid for a meal. Most excruciating eating experience ever. Luckily I had pineapples. It was like meatball + pineapple + water rinse and repeat and somehow I managed to keep everything in. Anyway. Yeah, you totally should! I can show you pictures from here sometime if you wanna. Pretty things.
    STINKIES! I swear I put you down! I'll fix that. You're reserved and I'll put Keld on the Waiting List.

    EDIT: It's been fixed~ you're on the list now. I am so sorry for skipping you, I saw your post when I was on my 3DS, and my brain went WOO HOO!! IF IS HERE! I can't believe I skipped you...
    IIIFFF been a while. Awesome, you finally got to play Black, ha. Larvesta's awesome, if you haven't given it a try yet, do. It's kinda everywhere though. Or its second form is. But. Anyway 8D

    Bisharp sound pretty cool and I can actually see it fitting, yeah, but I already went with something else, 'cause I wanted something at least a little bit feline for her (since she's a cat lover whoo).

    Aaand I'm doing fine. Been sick, been busy, but fine most of the time 8DD Love Korea.
    TETB Reunion special! 8D I'm actually using the Sn version of Andre, just adapted to Pokemon. xD

    When I started RPing here, there was a time when Leo was my only male character. Now, that's changed, I only have one female character. What the heck happened? xD
    Yea. All I see online is hacked Pokemon as of late. I just started playing white 2 myself. I can send ya eggs for simple gen V use then. For shinies besides good ole Red, I've caught a shiny Machop in Platinum, a Sunkern in Black 2, killed a shiny Zigzagoon in Ruby, traded and got a Shiny Ditto, hatched a Shiny Happinee, hatched a Shiny Zubat, hatched a Shiny Onix, and Hatched a Shiny Turtwig... Bbeen working the daycare lots...

    I think everyone offered their help to Mon, you're just the only one who got. BWD's blessing.... I like Gen V but I hated the story, just paying attention to dialogue... Lol oh well. I'm trying to make my Shiny blissey into an endgame beast to eventually transfer to XY to battle, Lost taught me about this online battle thing they have guilds on the forum for so learning that.
    I used action replay in games to get access to previous gen Pokemon, before gen IV when trading became much... Internationally easier.... And I dorky role played my team's odd acquires, most recently in white, I pretended my Pokemon were gejinka(?) and sort of in a feudal era, similar to Pokemon Conquest, I can entertain myself easily... Over active imagination.

    I've always wanted a shiny nine tails so right now in white 2 I'm massing eggs in hope. Shiny Charizard Is also another goal.

    This Rpg won't have skill rankings based on house, houses will only separate based on battle philosophy. You end up being co-GM a lot, don't you... When I was in, erm, training, I luckily had people always there for me :/. So I'm very much against people who just abandon...

    Perhaps for XY you'd like one f my vulpix eggs?
    Ugh, I know. I hated that the games I chose had growlithe over ninetails. Loved that fox. The starters seem to mock rpg archetypes: Mage, warrior, rogue. Fire-type is Mage, so I'm thinking psychic maybe. And yes. Omg. Charizard X, yessssssssss.

    Charmander will be my choice too. Nerve is a tough thing to get. I get nervous when I don't hear from people after one sleep cycle lol. I'm sure whatever you'll do you'll do fine. I'm going for a yugioh gx kind of rpg as my debut rpg here~
    Renamon's Pokemon version, made me iffy. I don't get why GameFreak loves to turn starters to humanoids. I'd of loved an actual MAMMAL-FOX Pokemon starter, but meh we already have Ninetails/vulpix.
    With Torchic, for a while I just kept a Torchic, never evolved it. And I was a Charmander to Cyndiquil first-round starter. Though I also went Chikorita for gold... Basically I'd just ignore water... Until the 5th gen. I went with the Otter... and I was thinking of going Froakie, depending on if a certain leak remains untrue... >.>

    I honestly don't highly admire the new gen's released pokemon so far. The ones i care less about out number the ones I think are 'cool.' I'm worried. and the 3D art-style seems like it's taking away a LOT of quality from the Pokemon sprites, which is a bummer for me too.

    I prefer GMing RPGs rather to playing in them. From my experience RPGs that turn toward collaborative fanfictions die quickly; I prefer to make RPGs with mechanics like RNG and others (which seems kind of rare on these forums)
    You are full of interesting ideas~ You really should post an RPG~

    I'm debating between a casual version(free-form), and a competitive version(mechanic-based); or maybe even posting both and running two at a time~ Or maybe post a poll in the RPG Cafe...
    Who knows, we'll soon see. :D
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