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  • Innerflame, I posted. Feel free to have some random other wild pokemon come up and attack. You'll like what I did... and it involves candy.
    That's not what I mean by that. My characture sees yours, he knows he has to keep him alive. The way my characture sees yours is as a little kid, and her pokemon (being babies) are seen as week. In HIS world, if you weren't being held as an experiment or a member of Team Rocket, you had GOOD pokemon.
    I have a battle plan... basically, it's gonna be you vs something powerful (don't make it TO terribly powerful) while Matt is... erm... well, it's a part of my plan.
    Don't worry, it won't take much time to find. In fact, you should only have to look... at one or two of that person's posts to tell what I mean.
    Okay, thanks. I gleaned that from various sources. I actually have one of their DVDs. SonicX, it was a present from someone. But then I didn't like it very much.
    Actually, I'm not really a newbie. I was browsing the forums for a year or so before I actually was able to sign up, and in the origanal "Dimensional Version", I was one of the more active posters.

    Oh, and about Lati... I don't really know. It's been a while since I've used this characture (the origanal Dimensional Version was the last time, actually... and I've only used him once before that.), and I had to change a LOT about his characture to fit the new RPG. Still, you might have a point...

    Oh, and If you read the first thread, don't put me with the partner I was with at the time. I DO NOT intend on making a PG-13 (or possibly R) thread.
    Sure. It's a young adult fantasy novel about a sentient fantasy world. The Wild is a mind-thing that contains every fairy tale ever written and acts out those stories over and over again. Like if you put a girl walking through the woods, The Wild is likely to turn her into Red Riding Hood. But it has to work by its own rules, like wishes made in wishing wells must be granted.

    I'm not as familiar with the anime shows that 4Kids has done, so I'm viewing it this way: a world that has specific stories it must tell, or shows it must make, but tries to make them follow its rules.
    Hi! I noticed we've got characters from the same world in the Dimensional RPG. They technically conflict with each other, but given that your method is a plothole device and my history is about evil censors, it works weirdly well.

    I also wondered if you've read the book Into The Wild by Sarah Beth Durst. I was going to write World 6 as something like that.
    It was a joke, but there would be others outside the cave. I put a muscular guard outside

    All right. Well, I'm just waiting on Son-of-shadows to post, and if he doesn't, I'll continue onward.
    thank you, but I know some about the 500 error. I find it all the time. I just get too lazy to fix it if it's already posted. Now if It's not been posted, yeah, I do fix it.

    All right, no worries. Hehe, sorry for freezing Izzy then. I'm probably going to have Bill watch the fight from above and see if he can figure out a way to help the others. (probably by pushing Erick down a cliff xD)
    Hey, I noticed you said that you wanted to be in an RPG that finishes, well as of two weeks from now, Kamotz's digimon trilogy will be 2 for 3, so you might want to look at applying for the third installment.
    A ferret would be something to consider, or a small wild (or domestic) cat, oh! or a monkey!
    I never seen it before, so yeah I don't know what that's like. I do wish that Paper Mario: The Oblivion Portals was reawakened though (my first RPG period). Another one is Yssavryl's Gym Wars. Oh well, anyways, I need to fix the RPG up a bit then it'll be up and running in no time. Anyways, nice post on MR, but just one question, did she ask Bill about Mewtwo or what exactly?
    I am well, thank you for asking. Just getting a new RPG up...well not new, I'm actually trying to reawaken one of my old ones. Anyways, I too can sense a fight between them, if pokemon fight then well...Bill's not got a good chance to win as his strong suit isn't battling. If physical then Bill does have a better chance because what he does requires physical labor such as rock climbing and swimming in river rapids against the current (don't ask unless you're highly curious)
    You're getting close. You actually have to visit Magma Rock to get some stuff that you'd need. If I were you, I'd hit up gamefaqs.com and find a walkthrough. This way you'll be able to get all the summons, djinn, and best items, which will be hugely helpful for the final battle and lighthouse. I'd give you more helps, but I'm pretty sure both of my walkthrough guidebooks are in my storage unit up at school
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