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  • Eh, sorry, I know that came random (=*-*=)
    My bad, ehehehe.
    I do that often, I get excited at night and all hyper, spazzy and stuff so I do random things =D =D =D
    Sorry to bother you, but which background are you using for the PDI pic? I can't find any, and I think the background should be consistent.
    Hey InnerFlame, glad to be rping with you again. But I do have a suggestion. I feel like were suppose to have our clones wait in the lunchroom for the superiors. Not in our rooms. You havn't interacted with your superior yet and with how Manaphy's is.. I wouldn't take the risk of getting in trouble.
    Hey Inny, I think you should sign up to this its looking to be a pretty good rpg link
    Why yes it is :D Your the first person who's made that connection without me telling them (most assume I got it from Neopets but I anit keen on that site)
    The attack wasn’t in anyway painful but the static circulated through it body paralyzed Indigo’s body. He tried his best to let out an attack but his body refused to move. The Dragon sped to him and slammed him sending him flying into a wall. As the Latios moved clench his chest and winced the first sign of emotion he has given throughout the whole battle. Trying to move he found himself paralyzed again and the Dragonite send a Twister the further injured him.
    This is what I meant- you had your clone paralyzed one moment, and then able to throw it off the next, not that it used thunder wave, but became paralyzed by something like it and so easily broke out of what you made out to be an immobilizing attack pretty much.
    I've been good thankyou Inny (er... doesn't have the same ring to it does it?). I spent the better part of today waiting outside Waterstone's to get a booksign by the cast of The Might Boosh (a British tv series link). As for the winterball I've been debating about joining (as I need something to restart my interest in writing) and am currently leaning towards using Xydis as I feel I can explore a new angle with his character however I'm also open to requests if theres a certain character you'd like to see. Anyway how've you been? Enjoy Halloween?
    Actually there are a few girls like Barbie, plastic airheads :D

    As for your PM problem I believe you need to click on it to get rid of it however if its not going contact an administrator or a mod.
    Heh comforter, theres a word I haven't heard in a while. Still I like the messages, they're sweet and quite clever.
    Nice pictures, am I correct in guessing they in some way relate to these fanflic's you mention in your interests? Oh and might I suggest using Deviant Art instead of ImageShock it just seems like it'd be more partical.
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