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  • Why thankyou :D and, knowing Casan, yes he probally will mistake Greg for a female (as well as male Lopunny's). I think we should have them meet if, for nothing else, the expression on Casan's face once he discovers that Greg is in fact a he XD.
    Yeah I guess it is a bit mean. But then again, what do I care, I'm evil >=D *shot*

    I don't know if I'll make another character. If I do, she's probably going to be the complete opposite of Tai and the former classmate that teased him at the league. Bleh XD But anyway, Tai is the kind of guy to have his Pokéball malfunction when trying to enlarge it XD

    Tai: Okay go Lily *tries to enlarge Pokéball... phails* Uh, hold on *continues pressing button to no avail* ^-^;; just give me a minute here... *finally enlarges Pokéball and then drops it*

    =P I love my little dork XD Oh! And I love your char's name. Liz Anaya, genius! XD
    Haha, yes. Looking like a girl + being a guy isn't the best combo =P And I think you can still get a male Gardevoir if you don't have one of those dawn stones. *shrug* =P
    Hi InnerFlame! Just felt like dropping by~~ <3 Can't wait to see what type of character you create for RITE ^^

    - ~*Nobody*~
    Hi, Inner Flame. Good to know that you've graduated.

    I wish I didn't have to do all this schoolwork. Good to know it's almost summer.
    She did? I never check the Cafe section, I always forget to do that. I'll probably give it natoher try then, thanks for telling me this :3 *grateful to the max*
    Heh an egg, I like it. Nice to see some more from the world inside your head, it very entertaining : D. Also I love that link that you've added to your sig its very clever and oh so true : D
    hrrm why not make the powers relate to the weapon? Have a certain requirement to furfill it?
    No problem :D Also baby boy? 500 dollars a month? I'm guessing that was home ed or something. Anyway as a college goer I can say yes the freedom is good but the projects are annoying. For my final peice (for my art coruse) I was given a sheet of paper with a vauge outline of what we had to do (Sea, three peices and one final peice) and that was it.

    Oh and on a side note are you still applying for Cdra's Nonesense rpg (is curious cause he has a sign up in the works almost finshed)
    lol Thanks. I agree with Skeith, too. Even though you're done the whole grade-school thing, you still have college/university to go through, and then you get to work until you die! 8D

    Yay, society! *dances*
    Ah graduation, such a happy and sad time. Congrats on making it through school and now you must prepare for the next stage college D:D (alot more fun but a lot harder)
    You graduated! 8D I know how much of a relief that is, so good job on surviving all those years of acedemic oppression.
    Congrendulates on graduating :D I still have four more years to go >.< Half Yearlies, unnecessary maths homework, and making a 2-hour musical with thirty assorted teenagers is hate >.<
    Your comments make me lol. :p You remind me of a friend of mine and she's the cutest little roleplayer.
    Oh my God, Algebra >.< So boring it tends to make me draw RP characters or PokéSpe characters.
    I am Ze Most Evil Cookie Fairy. I haff taken control of Neon's keyboard to tell you that I am fine and expect to return to Serebii after my... exams *shudders*. So yeah. See you guys soon! And sorry about... You know... Guardians... dying >.<.

    And Neon has wrestled the keyboard back (NOOO! YOU CANNOT BEAT ME! I HAVE "ZE" IN FRONT OF MY NAME!) >.> Mebbe we'll revive Guardians in the future, mebbe. T'was fun.
    Well, considering we go to school together, yeah :D We're making a new roleplay, you can look in the roleplay ideas section in the Café~
    I'm Bao Dragonite :D And it wasn't just Spellbinders, i was little ol' Guardians, too~
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