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    Thank you. You're a great friend too.
    And on that friendly note, I have to go to bed.
    I know. I weep for the future of the human race.
    I know. And the same goes for me, alright? Any time you need me, I'm here for you.
    They are. My teacher can't teach, but she can bake like the ****ens. And I can't really speak it, I mumble something german sounding and hope to hide under my bed within the next five seconds.
    The first fight was over something stupid (I don't even remember, nor do I care), and it ended up with the kid face-down in a trash can.
    Second one was when a kid cussed out my best friend, so I decked him. That ended quickly.
    Third one was because this idiot kept flicking rubber bands at the back of my head in study hall. I told him to stop it or I'd bash his face in. He ended up with his head stuck in a vending machine.
    I feel bad, talking about these fights and stuff. I hate fighting, but I can't help it. My school is a warzone.
    And that means a lot to me Liz. Thank you, sincerely.
    The only thing I like about German (well, two things) is that I can understand my Grandma now. And that we get free german cookies XD
    And I feel for you, I hate my school. I got in three fights today. Won them all, but I still feel like crap despite that. Our school might as well be the Eighth Circle of Hell.
    Thanks Liz, really. I need inspiration like that to keep me going. You're a huge help.
    Latin? Lucky, I get German. And holy crap, do you go to school in a Nazi Death Camp or something? That's off the wall insane.
    And you really did. I owe you a lot.
    Me too! I have a speech for English the day I get back. And I do the same thing in class, except for me, it's writing and team creation, rather than writing and drawing. And I think up stuff based on the music I listen to. I'll be glad to help with your story in any way I can. You were the person who spurred me on when I needed it most, you know.
    Ok, I just thought I'd let you know. I should have Chapter 6 up sometime next week.
    School's been fine, but I hate the ammount of work I get, it's why I've only updated Opal's Shadow once since school started.
    And that's great :) You can be sure I'll be one of the first to review.
    Hi Liz! :)
    It really has been a while, over two months. I'm fine, glad to finally be on break. How are you doing?
    Btw, have you read Opal's Shadow Ch.5? I don't know if you caught the second half of the chapter or not.
    Wow, that definitely beats my idea. Probably wouldn't work though.
    First public preformance for the band tonite!!! -_- (Ugh.)
    I just want to get that over with.
    It had some good qualities, but I found it really conventional, normal, bland, blah,blah,blah. I may just have to put Opal's shadow on hold, I have a huge writers block right now.
    Don't even get me started. I am so sick and tired of school, and it's just day two! Arrrrgh! *composes self* Ok. Actually, it wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be, but it's still not the best. Anyway, did you check out my new fic? Not Opal's Shadow, Seperate Paths.
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