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    Good, I am good, and I am happy that you have been great!:)
    How are you? Insanemouse?
    Yeah no problem, thank you and you too!! Rascal will be well loved over here too hahah. c:
    Also I forgot to let you know yes on the cloning! It'll take just a moment after the trade~
    Checked, got a Y for ya, but my female Shiny Pumpkaboo is Average Size. Sorry!
    Oh yeah, uh, let me check on both those things. Should have the item but not sure on Pumpkaboo. I don't have any that aren't shiny, for sure.
    Woah okay, too many messages. @w@ Yes I am around, but I only just found a Shiny Japanese Ditto on my 4th gen game. I still need to upload it all they way up, then clone it. Uh, let me see if I can get on that.
    On the weekends you don't necessarly have to stay up late. I'm on by 5-6 PM your time (9 AM mine, when I usually wake up). Then I'll be around all afternoon!
    Hahah, hi there! I will be around your Fri-Sat night most likely! (That is Sat-Sun morning for me.) Fri for sure, Sat depending on when my event is.
    Hey i think you still have till the 24th to get a code card unless your store ran out
    Your welcome ^_^

    Jimmy's Typhlosion in the anime is also very cute ^-^

    It seem's you also like bats a lot. And your a team rocket fan. Does that mean you also like Woobat a lot? ;3 Since its a bat pokemon and Jessie catches one.

    I accidentally KOed a shiny one on my white game. o-o; Best moment in a pokemon game ever XD; (sarcasum, oviously...it stank >,<; but i still look back and giggle xD; ahh...)
    i seem to have a modest solosis already, but it has a name so do you want it changed to something else or just Reuniclus? (since i think if i change it back to Solosis it wont change when it evolves right?)
    i have no idea. but i put em up for archen, tepig, oshawott, as well as sear and sage. not an hour later it was done every time.

    ill pm you when i have everything. my unova dex is full so just gimme w/e you dont need.
    i think its lily or something, and female so you could breed it.

    i could probably get a tirt off gts, larvestas sell like hotcakes there.
    i can get you all but tirtouga (mine's a dude)

    btw you can trade for a petilil in whatsitcalled city (with the museum)
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