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  • This match gave me those needed KOs, although J2 didn't post it in battle results for some reason.
    That's indeed true. Anywho, nice theme for this week. This should be interesting to see what people come up with :D
    He is indeed an Adelaidian (Ade-Ledian = bad pun XD). Maybe I will. I know a few people in Psych, from what I remember. Yeah, our department at uni haven't blocked Serebii, thank goodness, cos there was a point where I had no internet at all and was struggling without it. Like, I had withdrawal symptoms XD But yeah, I always contacting most people I meet via phone. It's always good to have contacts, and to be able to talk about pokemon and such outside of the internet.
    Oh wow, that's so cool :D I go to the University of Adelaide, and I'm studying a Bachelor of Music Studies, majoring in Music Technology. I love meeting people from Serebii. I've met tomthepom through Serebii, as well as Jadeabella and NickoTheGuitarist. It's great fun :D And that sucks. I went for a while without internet. It's always a pain. I normally call tomthepom if that happens XD I'm always in contact with him.
    I live in Adelaide, South Australia. I've lived other places as well, but I moved to Adelaide last year for uni. I'm just getting over the sunburn I got the other day XD How come you haven't had access to SPPf?
    Hey I_D just wondering if your gonna post up the champion poll for WSC 69 (Zombie evolution line). Just wanted to let you know that since I'm curious. I still fairly new to the whole WSC schedule so I just wanted to get it clear. Thanks in advance and keep on with what your doing. Cheers!
    Allo allo. I thought I'd touch base with you once you got back. As you can see, I'm Serris (not half obvious at all), and I've had fun entering your WSC's. Just thought I'd add as well, it's pretty cool you live in Australia. I do as well, but in central Australia, so I'm between you and Zadros. So, how are you?
    For everyone else to whom I enjoy providing this contest for, I apologise for the following:

    @ ~Dragon_Master~: Please, for the last time, do not enter these contests. You have never once done anything other than cheat and steal from other people, the last example was so horrible as it came from another pokemon and not this one. I have tried to be nice about this, and you seem to continue anyway. If you post here again, I will not fail to report you to the correct authorities. From now on, all of your posts will be considered as spam in these threads.
    Excuse me?


    A 'repeat offence' hasn't happened, so what's the problem? :/
    In my PASBL battle with Wolfsrain23,When you said frozen to the ground,do you mean his whole body stuck to the ground or only his legs are frozen to the ground?
    Nah, it's fine.

    I spelled it Ying Yang until last year, when I started taking Asian Lit. in school. Now I'm just annoyed by it.

    but it's fine, really. :p
    Uhm...for the record, it's Yin in "Yin Yang", definitely not Ying.

    If you google Ying Yang, the first thing to pop up is the wiki article on "Yin Yang".

    Not that I'm faulting you, its just that that 'g' is really bothering me. :p
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