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  • Please inform dodrio watcher (since i cant find his profile) im his new opponent and that im very busy irl atm and irc doesnt work onmy comp :)

    - eliteknight
    Hola can you send me a list of all the guys that are supposed to be on te war team? I currently have:

    Dodrio Watcher
    Oh okay then. Well lets try to find some more active members then. Be dodrio watcher still has to complete his match so we need that to happen too. After all it is a war. And leaders like you need to support us by referring members which yore doing a great job on but post on the clan more or else peeps will think you're inactive and that's bad
    Also please tell dodrio watcher to be active he hasn't been on in ages. We will also be holding a clan-wide tournament. Care to join and please inform them
    Dude, relax, it's just a friendly joke, I don't mean to like offend you or anything, sorry. Anyways, we're warring The Battle Corporation soon, so be ready to battle. And can you meet me on PS?
    You're online! Go test Kidogo for te war team. And get Analog and a nachos to join. Once they do we're set to war the battle corporation.
    Hey, I registered today and skam suggested that I check with you about getting tested to join the war team--are you the right one to talk to about this?
    Alright nvm, since I just sent the thread in, I will post your division, then I'll transfer the post to you. The only way i can do that though is if you post on the clan thread, so if you see Skies of the Phoenix in the clans section, be sure to post there.
    Hey the clan is going up today. Did you figure out how to do the image addresses so I can give you the userbars?
    Hi i guess? Skarm told me to find ya since you were one of the other leader skarm was trying to build the clan with
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