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  • I didn't get that part either, so I re-watched the entire movie later too. :p I knew he was on a lion turtle, but I didn't realize the "significance" of it lol.
    Hi there! :) I'm fine, thanks! How are you?

    Haha, it's nice to know that you knew where my profile picture came from. :p What was the last episode you saw lol?
    my dad bought me pokemon cards and action figures and i played with them and when i was 4 i got the game boy color i got hooked and my first game was pokemon silver and i knew how to colone pokemon and the game boy color is easy to use i still have trouble with the ds... but i have a question??? are u going to post your ss team? no one has done it in a while???
    Yeah, MS spellchecker (or any really) only reads the form of the punctuation, not the function it's being used in lol. They only see the question mark, not that the question mark is connected to a speech tag.
    Nothing wrong with the first sentence, the 'said' after Rowan's speech should be a capital, remember '.', '!' and '?' count as full stops, there fore any letter after them should be capitals. That includes when they're in speech marks
    Um, no. Regardless if your dialogue ends with a question mark, comma, or exclamation point, if your speech tag is "said Rowan" (or any variation of that), then the letter after the dialogue should remain uncapped as its CONTINUING with the dialogue. What you're saying is that "said Rowan" is its own, complete sentence, which it's not.

    The only time you would capitalize a sentence after dialogue is when the bit after/before the dialogue is a complete sentence. These usually exclude the "speech tag" (he said, she replied, they screamed, so on).

    Ex) "Is he here yet?" he asked.


    "Is he here yet?" He tapped his foot impatiently, waiting for an answer.

    Not trying to be a ***** (even though it sounds like it,) but it's wrong information you're telling the kid.
    That's cool that's a nice idea. :)
    Never thought about the girl's name. *thinks* Betty Vengus sound okay to you. It's sorta like a pun for bitter vengeance.
    Heya, thanks for claiming the idea, I'm glad you like it. Yeah it was cause I didn't have time for it. For the trainer I think it's best if she's female but it's really up to you. And the gang attack, they wanted to steal some pokemon but the trainer refused and battled them with Sunkern but the battle was really too rough and she/he was shot dead leaving the her/his pokemon to be stolen and Sunkern to be left unconscious. Nurse Joy works hard to sunkern's recovery, and he wakes up confused and it's up to that Nurse Joy to tell him that his trainer died.

    Then when the sunkerns vows for revenge, Mightyena recognizes him because of a scar on his face and approaches him. Mightyena was entranced by the vulpiux cause he thought they were beautiful and heard that they evolved into Ninetails and he's really facinsated with them.

    The rest is up to you. If you want more details I'll try and give them. Thanks again.
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