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  • I saw my last comment about having a nice bed, and it made my head explode in a few ways. Especially now that I have an Australian Shepard I raised from a puppy, and that was like having a kid that ran around and could pee everywhere for a month.
    How's life been? I got a nice new job that actually allowed me to buy a nice bed, so it's a whole new world for me now.
    I'm just glad men's fashion pretty much stays the same. Though if you want to see some goofy stuff look at NBA and NFL draft classes from like 2000-2003. That was a weird time for men's suits.
    I can't see that link, but if that picture is even half as good as the wedding I went to in July I still can't do pictures without looking like it'l take part of my soul.
    I never realized that. Boston, Massachusetts. It's a sign! btw, I may be cheap, but my services are not.

    I agree, and the first thing to go should be that Fake News thread. Really, though, I think of SPPf more like a dying parent... I just want to get back in early enough before they die, so that it's not obvious I'm just there to take as much of their stuff as possible when they croak.
    This is the most disappointing thing I've ever told you in a long, long line of them... no, that wasn't me. But if you ever want to spring for room and board, travel fees, per diem, and a flat service fee, we could change all of that~~~

    PMS - I've decided that we need to breathe life back into this place, because by all appearances it sucks even though it used to be cool. My attention span being what it is, that probably won't last past today, but if it does, we can totally #MakeSPPfGreatAgain
    Yeah it's moving the goalposts if the goalposts are set by the Touchdown Jesus people.
    Trust me I have learned to spot if a person is on meth or not. In case you didn't know our drug prevention program was cut to spend more money on defeating planned parenthood so any secluded backwoods place has at least 4 drug labs in it now.
    Well it's very important. Plus when it gets cold my skin gets all cracked so it's nice for that too.
    Thankfully I look a few years older now so I don't get carded.

    That and good skincare help a lot, even though it costs so much.
    The weird thing is I thought Ohio was getting better. Key word was though.

    I mean I still look the same anyway.
    Well turns out going through and cleaning data is something I just have to do, and is not fun at all.

    Mia's in the bay area now.
    What's sad is outside of one class I probably would be having fun with it.
    Like they have blog updates and it sounds like the most fun job ever. Since Cheetahs are descended from domestic stock they just act like big cats without the sharp claws.
    Well the Cincinnati Zoo is the zoo for Cheetah breeding. They even have a farm like 30 minutes from my house just for that purpose. They're also big on Gorillas. Despite the Harambe incident they did get 2 baby gorilla this year.
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