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  • Omg, I'm so sorry for forgetting to reply. I haven't really been active on SPPF anymore either.

    Nothing much is going on in my end! I moved away from NC last year to the big apple, so I've been mostly wasting away here enjoying everything. when I marry rich I'm going to move to park avenue and never leave. Or maybe go back to school and get my phd. Whichever comes first.

    I'm so glad you're almost finishing your masters and that you're enjoying your time in Boston! Weren't you teaching history at a private school at some point?
    I don't really post here anymore. I got distracted by irl things. :(

    How are things going??
    That could work. Still, you'll have a hard time finding the exact rock I've been living under. Lovely neighborhood, though!
    Molly, I am distraught, weakened, broken and miserable. Robin Williams has left us. I don't know what to do with myself.
    One of my old profs lived in an East River-view penthouse with six other guys, working to put himself through grad school as a taxi driver. Of course, this was the 70's. But still, my jaw - it drops. And heh, when you go to pick up your beau, you are like a lady Hercules braving the underworld to collect your gentleman love (though I guess the mythology says it was not Hercules's own love, but whatever). Many points for egalitarian heroics, platypus.

    It is a useful skill, in the office and out. I appreciate your confidence. ^_^
    I agree with She-Hulk's message, but I am not a fan of the hulk look either. Body builders weird me right out. G-strings aren't much better, though...

    I remembered the first bit, just didn't know if you ever became an official Bostonite (is that what they are? Bostonians?). How do they manage to afford to live there, your friends? Once I grew up, I became a little angry at the sitcom Friends for ever making young adults think a twenty-something could live in a nice apartment in Manhattan by herself while struggling to find steady work. I feel so betrayed by that program. Anyway, you're right about the scholar goal. It's just slow going, since I can't seem to leave my family to their own devices without some emergency or other calling me back home to look after them. But not anthropology - cognitive neuroscience. I'm not too interested in people, but I can't get enough of their brains. You're also right about my love for teaching courses. But it's hard to get a PhD job when you'd rather teach than do research. And the field is not good; young academics overwhelmingly have to resort to multiple low-level adjunct/lecturer jobs at different schools just to make ends meet. In the meantime, most of my employment comes from either research or counseling.
    That art is pretty cool. I like the teamwork of Hypno, Drowzee, and Darkrai, heh. What are you going to do with them? Do you frame them and hang them up?

    Now, does this mean you lived in Boston for a time, or you were looking into the costs while thinking of moving there? I read a detective novel series that takes place in Boston, so I'd like to visit there someday and see how many of the locations featured in the series are fictional. Anyway, I'm glad you both enjoy your career choice and have discovered a talent for it. We need good educators for special needs kids. =s
    Ah, it's okay to experience a little - say - morbid curiosity. I actually do pay attention to the covers of tabloids and celeb magazines when in the checkout aisle. As far as those photos, I am not detail-oriented enough to recognize if anything seemed surgically altered there. I think she's a looker, but sometimes those looks are weird.

    Yeah, I imagine NYCC was prohibitively costly. If only there were a way to work in NYC, but not have to pay for anything related to life in NYC, that would be how to make good money. When I was much younger, I sometimes got to ride MetroNorth for free because my uncle worked for the railroad (and could occasionally get his conductor buddies to pass us by on the ticket runs), but that perk has not been available for many years - otherwise commuting to the city would be so much more possible. But yes, $35K does not sound insubstantial by a long shot - it sounds to me like you will be rich. And three cheers to you on the home stretch for you cert! ^_^
    Oh my gosh, she's had work done? What was it? What does she look like now? Boy howdy, I wish I was in the checkout line at a grocery store!

    That sounds fantastic. I really wish I could go. It is not an option, miserably. But I only have amateurish Team Rocket cosplay, so I'd be passé, or perhaps retro if we're being optimistic.
    Good-looking badness is something of a spectator sport. Kim Kardashian is famous, after all.

    I'm so happy to see you, by the way~
    Platypus! ^_^

    Thanks to a Wikipedia synopsis, I can "egad..." along with you. Sounds like a depressing and frustrating film. Does Gosling at least take his shirt off?
    I was just a nursing assistant, I haven't done anything with nursing in forever. Haha. I'm still working on my bachelors in psychology, and then hopefully grad school or law school.
    Yay for starting your masters. I saw a poster in my school about about going into special and getting your masters in like a year or something, and I was like "That's Molly!" Are you not working at that private school anymore then?
    That's so exciting! I am not doing much, but some exciting things are brewing for me come 2014. Weee. Also I can already imagine you teaching, "Today's lesson will be helping me complete Pokemon X. If you fail to give a list of all item and tm locations you will receive a grade of 0."

    I'll add you now!
    Awww, thank you! They put me in the debates section since, well you can take one look at the feminism/rape culture thread and get the general gist of the matter.

    How have you been? It's been 5ever!
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