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  • Awww, thank you! They put me in the debates section since, well you can take one look at the feminism/rape culture thread and get the general gist of the matter.

    How have you been? It's been 5ever!
    I am doing nothing with my life. Except some exciting opportunties coming up soon! Also sorry I didn't reply, I had a sinking feeling I forgot about something, and I just realized it was your message. I had so many notifications that I forgot to reply to some. sorrrrry. :((

    How's teaching? Anything new or exciting happening?
    So do I. Difference is, mine don't have anything to do with constantly outsmarting and evading a dogged ex-government agent out for revenge because I killed his fiancee when she was on a heroin drug bust operation eight years ago.

    Or do they?
    Hey, I log in more than you. >:/

    Come to think of it, that is the only prominent thing I haven't shared with anybody here. Oh, and what I look like. And also the deepest, darkest secret that I can never tell to another living soul. But other than that, I'm an open book.
    Congratulations and good luck. I hope you do get to work with the underprivileged intelligent kids; seeing bright young minds learn almost on their own is exhilarating. Keep me informed, eh? =)
    Hmm. I might watch it then. I like Doctor Who.

    I watched all seasons in like a month. ;(

    I've never heard of it. People tell me that i should watch orange is the new black. Maybe I should because IM ORANGE NOW
    Yeah I don't really try to understand it. I just end up calling them out on their misogyny when they say "I'm so glad I don't have to date women they're so annoying lolololol" and refusing to talk to them because I don't need that in my life.
    Man Ellie was telling me about how like even one of the feminism subreddits is bad because they don't think that trans*women count.

    Reddit is surely a weird and terrible place. I use it to catch up on gay news for the most part (but some of them are misogynistic and gross so I don't really respond much. That and my uni's subreddit)
    when I saw that image on tumblr I was like "I know exactly what to do with this"

    you know, after I stopped laughing at how funny it was.
    I'll pop in now and then.

    But thanks very much, Molly, that means a great deal to me. And who knows. There's a position at Tufts I'm applying for, so if all goes well we may be close enough to visit some day. In any case, this turn of events hardly marks a hiatus in our friendship. ^_^
    Soooo I just finished season 2 of Game of Thrones and I was just curious if you'd seen this. Pretty much relevant to my life right now.
    Sorry to have not replied sooner, platypus. It looked like the opening to a big, long conversation and I've been too tired lately to take one up. But it is lovely to hear from you, and to know you're doing so well. Plus cats are ritzy and smart, a good choice. =o
    HOW DARE YOU? I am not now, nor have I ever been, an acne-ridden teenager from the Northeast. I went by Phil from 2002-05, though, good call.

    I also only had one teacher I had weird feelings for, and she was a 23 year-old blonde. Sowwy. :<
    It's just to make fun of something someone said. Lol.

    We should catch up, I feel like we haven't talked in forever. You need to tell me about how your job is going and everything.
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